Azerbaijan 600-square-meter mixed gender gym-RITZY FITNESS

Azerbaijan 600-square-meter mixed gender gym-RITZY FITNESS

As a leading brand of fitness equipment manufacturers, Ganas gym equipment has been committed to providing excellent gym design and equipment production services.In 2023, through the introduction of our old customer Mr. Liu, we cooperated with his Azerbaijani friends and provided successful gym solutions for their first mixed-gender gym, RITZY FITNESS.


Before coming into contact with GANAS fitness equipment, the customer contacted two other fitness equipment factories online, but through understanding and communication, the customer felt dissatisfied in terms of design, service and product quality.When customers are looking for gym equipment suppliers, they are not only concerned about the quality of the equipment itself, but also about whether they can provide a one-stop service provider of design, production, transportation and installation.Customers learned online that GANAS gym Equipment has 21 years of experience in manufacturing fitness equipment and often provides one-stop services to high-end customers, which is very consistent with customer needs.


Before confirming the cooperation with GANAS, the customer had many ideas and concerns. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, we communicated with the customer many times through emails, phone calls, videos, etc.In order to further understand and experience our equipment, the customer flew to China to have in-depth discussions with the Ganas team.During the communication process, GANAS answered the customer's questions and made suggestions from a professional perspective. The customer was very satisfied with the professionalism, response speed and service attitude of GANAS gym equipment.Through these exchanges, Ganas effectively demonstrated corporate culture, product positioning, and professional capabilities, and won the recognition and trust of customers.The high praise we receive for our quality further validates our expertise and service levels.


The client plans to open a mixed-gender gym with an area of 350 square meters for men and 250 square meters for women.The Ganas team fully combined the customer's ideas and the characteristics of the gym to design a set of extremely luxurious and high-end gym design solutions that perfectly fit the gym theme.The men's gym uses green as the main color to create a modern and dynamic feel.The equipment is equipped with Ganas high-end luxury commercial treadmill KY-790, with a 21.5-inch large control button panel that can display time, speed, incline, distance, calories, and heart rate.Taiwan AC 7.0HP heavy-duty motor has 20% more power and 30% longer use time than domestic motors.Our range of commercial treadmills offer a variety of experience options to suit customers of all fitness levels and provide a variety of different workout options.For strength equipment, customer chose the popular G series, such as luxury commercial lat machine,luxury commercial shoulder press, etc.The pipe is made of Q235 steel,and main body 60*120*3.0mm Oval supportive steel for heavy-duty commercial gym.Use PFA brand environmental protection powder painting,3-4 layers strong metal coating, thickness will be 3.2-3.3 mm,which is harmless to human body and will anti-scratch, anti-rust, anti-corrosion.The women’s gym uses purple as the main color based on women’s aesthetic preferences.In terms of equipment selection, in addition to the same aerobic area and strength equipment area as for men, Pilates has also been added to meet the different needs of female bodybuilders.Moreover, the color of all seat cushions is also customized purple, creating a fitness environment that is both professional and full of feminine charm.


After all details were finalized the project entered the production phase. Throughout the entire production process, we strictly control every step while maintaining open communication with our customers on project progress.Considering that our customers are thousands of miles away from us, it is not always possible to arrive at the site to visit the production status and finished product effects of the products.We will regularly share some production pictures and videos with customers and inform them that the equipment is proceeding smoothly as planned.After production is completed and tested, we actively assist customers in arranging transportation, and at the same time provide customers with detailed installation steps and video explanations to facilitate customers to proceed smoothly during the installation process.


After the gym opened, the visual presentation left a deep impression on users.It is well-equipped with a variety of equipment to choose from, and the gym environment is also very comfortable and clean, allowing exercisers to focus more on exercising, winning positive feedback and market reputation from customers.Clients appreciate that we not only provide a successful fitness space, but exceed their expectations in terms of communication, creativity and execution.The successful conclusion of this gym once again highlights the professionalism and innovation of Ganas gym equipment in the field of fitness equipment.We start from our customers' needs and provide gym solutions from a professional perspective to help customers establish a compelling brand image in the market.


You just need to tell us your needs, and GANAS will adhere to the "customer needs-centered" concept from design to production to create a unique gym for you.We always adhere to the whole-hearted service concept, provide the best guidance and recommendations to every customer who comes to GANAS fitness equipment with the most professional service attitude and the highest quality and efficient work efficiency.

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