How To Effectively Maintain Fitness Equipment?

In the atmosphere of national fitness, many people often use fitness equipment. Therefore, the frequency of use of indoor fitness equipment is relatively high. With the increase in the number of times and time of use, various equipment are prone to damage. In order to ensure the use of fitness people and avoid sports injuries, it is necessary to regularly maintain and service indoor gym equipment.

Daily maintenance method:

1. Check whether the operating mechanism, transmission system, speed change mechanism safety protection, and insurance device are sensitive and reliable.

2. Check whether the parts where the screws are loose, detached, or broken are normal. Especially for wire ropes or belts, check whether they are loose or damaged, and need to be repaired in time.

3. Check the lubrication of the bearing parts, and inject lubricating oil of fixed quality and quantity at regular times and fixed points. Taking the treadmill used in the gym as an example, the friction between the running belt and the running board has a great influence on the service life and performance of the electric treadmill. Therefore, lubricating silicone oil must be applied regularly. When applying oil, turn off the power, raise the running belt, and apply the oil to the range where the feet fall on the running belt when running, then turn on the power, and the treadmill runs at a speed of about 2km per hour. Let the oil be evenly distributed by walking slowly on the treadmill.

4. Check for corrosion, smashing, pulling, breaking, oil leakage, leakage, etc. Shoes brought in from outdoors, rain, snow, etc. will corrode and wear the equipment, and sweat stains are the most corrosive to the equipment. At first, it will only affect the appearance of the equipment. Over time, serious corrosion will make the joints inflexible and difficult to disassemble during maintenance. Therefore, wipe the equipment with a slightly damp soft cloth after using it every day.

5. Check whether the configuration accessories and repair tools are complete.


Weekly maintenance method

1. Clean some parts according to the usage. For example, most aerobic equipment is decorated with plastic shells. Open the shell regularly to clean the internal dust and check the fasteners.

2. Make appropriate adjustments to certain matching clearances. The movement clearance of the moving parts of fitness equipment is generally 0.001~0.002 times the diameter of the rotating shaft. If the clearance is too small, it is easy to get stuck when the movement generates heat. If the clearance is too large, it is easy to vibrate, which is very easy to damage the parts. Therefore, if the movement clearance of the moving parts is too large or too small, the relevant parts should be replaced immediately.

3. Remove rust and oil stains on the surface, check and adjust the lubrication oil circuit to ensure smooth operation without leakage. Taking the elliptical machine as an example, the oil stains in the slideway should be cleaned every week, and re-oiling should be done after cleaning to ensure smooth operation.

4. Clean the electrical box, motor, electrical device, and transmission device to ensure that they are fixed and neat, and the safety protection device is reliable.


Annual maintenance method

1. Disassemble and inspect parts according to usage.

2. Clean and change the oil of various transmission boxes or transmission systems, hydraulic boxes and cooling boxes. The oil quality and oil quantity must meet the requirements to ensure normal lubrication.

3. Repair and replace wearing parts. Contact the manufacturer of fitness equipment to replace the worn or damaged original parts, and run them for a period of time after replacement. Maintenance should be persistent, repairs should be timely and thorough, and reasonable maintenance plans and strict maintenance systems need to be recorded and tracked during the implementation process. While maintaining the equipment, attention should also be paid to the use method.

4. Repair the electrical box, motor, and repair the circuit.

5. Check, adjust, and restore the accuracy and calibration level.

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