Gym design tips

Whether you are opening a new gym or expanding an existing one, there are many things to consider when it comes to design. It’s a common belief that the layout and design of a gym is dictated by the equipment, but this isn’t true. As a gym owner, the main goal is to attract and retain members in an ever-changing industry. Many factors can influence membership sales at your gym, but the most important factor is the design and layout of your gym, as it directly affects the experience your members have while working out.


The fitness industry is no longer a one-size-fits-all industry, and members prefer gyms with more diverse styles. Regardless of the niche, having great design and high-end fitness equipment will attract your members.


Having a great gym design will not only attract members to your fitness center, but it will also help retain existing members. The design of the gym also depends on the type of gym you have, it can be a commercial gym, a women’s gym, a men’s gym or it can be a boxing or MMA gym.


Gym design needs to take into account functionality, safety, comfort and aesthetics. Here are some design points:


1.Functional area planning: According to the specific type of needs of the gym, different functional areas should be reasonably divided, such as strength training area, aerobic exercise area, free weight area, rest area, changing room and shower room, etc. Make sure there is enough space between areas to facilitate members' use of equipment and exercise. Reasonable area planning can ensure the optimal layout of equipment, avoid idle equipment or overcrowding, and improve the efficiency of gym use. Relevant equipment and areas are arranged together to facilitate members to quickly find the equipment and areas they need, thus improving the overall experience.


2. Equipment layout:Arrange the placement of equipment reasonably so that members can exercise smoothly, ensure that the exercise area is spacious, and leave enough space between equipment to facilitate use and passage, and avoid crowding and collision. Consider the frequency of use and space requirements of the equipment and place frequently used equipment in prominent and convenient locations. Reasonably arrange the location of various commercial fitness equipment. Generally speaking, you should divide the equipment into different areas. Here are some ideas you can consider: cardio, pull-up bars, free weights, functional training, stretching and abs, group training areas, boxing, etc. This will not only facilitate planning to avoid chaos, but also help optimize traffic management and avoid overcrowding. Users can start in the cardio area, then use pull-ups and free weights for the majority of their workout, before heading to the stretching area to finish off their workout.

Want to try making your own layout? Ganas gym equipment's 3D gym designer will help you create your design in minutes.


3. Floor mat material: Choose wear-resistant, non-slip flooring materials, such as rubber flooring or professional sports flooring. Choose materials with good elasticity, such as rubber and high-density foam, to provide effective shock-absorbing protection, especially in the free weight area and strength training area. Make sure the thickness of the floor mat can effectively absorb impact and reduce the impact and noise on the ground. Choose high-strength materials that are wear-resistant and pressure-resistant to ensure that the floor mat can be used for a long time without deformation or damage. Ganas's floor mats are the premier rubber gym flooring solution. Each mat is carefully designed to protect your subfloor from the impact of weights and bodyweight exercises.


4. Storage space: Provide sufficient storage space for members to store their personal belongings. Changing rooms and showers can also be set up to meet the basic needs of members. Gym owners should be aware that a well-designed locker room can have a huge impact on gym goers. After a tiring workout, members return to the locker room to cool down and relax for a while. Beautifully designed dressing rooms are a top choice for members. The more creative you are with the design and layout, the better customer experience you can provide your members.


5. Visual appeal: Visual appeal can be created in many ways, such as using graphics, murals, LED lights, illuminated decorative pieces, and more. Graphics and murals can elevate the ambiance of the entire area and add some depth and color to your gym. This greatly improves the member experience. Using easy-to-apply adhesive stickers, you can display motivational quotes or images related to working out and achieving goals, which is a great way to decorate a space quickly and inexpensively. You can even use directional signs in the same format to guide your members without having them walk around and ask staff for directions.


6. Safety: Ensure that the facilities and decorative materials in the gym meet safety standards; the floor materials should be non-slip and wear-resistant; and the circuit wiring should be safe and reliable. It is vital that the necessary safety measures are implemented to ensure visitor safety. You should also keep the space open so members can use the equipment without colliding with other machines or gym-goers. In addition, emergency evacuation passages and safety exit signs should be set up.


The design and layout of your gym play a major role in motivating your members. Strategically planning your gym not only improves the overall gym environment but also creates a pleasant customer experience for your members. Great design is like a great investment, the more you invest in your gym’s layout and design, the greater the return in the long run.


You can incorporate the 6 design tips we’ve discussed into your gym to provide your members with a more efficient and visually appealing gym, improving their overall experience.You can retain existing members and gain new ones, thereby increasing your revenue.


One of the most influential topics to consider when creating a successful luxury gym is high-end equipment. Gym equipment is the backbone of any fitness program, and for luxury gyms, high-end equipment is what sets them apart. It provides a more comfortable and enjoyable workout experience with its ergonomic design and smoother operation.


You can design a high-quality gym with the professional team at Ganas gym equipment. We will work with you from start to finish to design the commercial fitness center of your dreams.

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