How to choose the treadmill motor?

There are generally two types of treadmill motors: commercial treadmill and home treadmill. Home treadmills use DC motors, while treadmills in commercial gyms use AC motors because AC motors have a longer service life than DC motors.

Characteristics of AC motors:

1. Heavy load bearing

2. Long working time

3. Smooth and smooth

4. AC motors are mainly controlled by transmissions, so the cost is relatively high

Characteristics of DC motors:

1. Wide speed range

2. Wide speed regulation range

3. High efficiency

So from which perspectives should customers choose a motor that suits them?

1. Motor power

The power of a treadmill motor is usually expressed in horsepower (HP). Motors of different powers are selected according to the user's weight and training purpose. Generally speaking, people weighing less than 100 kg can use motors of 1.5 ~ 2.5 HP. If you need high-intensity training, you can choose a motor with 3.0HP or more, but the price will be correspondingly higher.

2. Rotation mode

Depending on the rotation mode, treadmill motors can be divided into AC motors and DC motors. DC motors have more stable speed and lower noise, and are usually used in home treadmills; while AC motors have higher power and are more widely used in commercial gyms.

3. Noise

When purchasing a treadmill motor, noise is also one of the factors to consider. Generally speaking, the noise of a DC motor is lower than that of an AC motor, but if you have higher requirements for the noise of the treadmill, you can choose some motors with more complete noise reduction designs.

4. Stability

When running, the friction of the foot on the treadmill will generate greater friction, and a certain degree of stability is required to ensure the exercise effect. Therefore, when purchasing a treadmill motor, choose products with higher stability and more reliable quality.

In short, when purchasing a treadmill motor, you need to consider factors such as power, rotation mode, noise and stability. Only by choosing according to your actual needs can you use the treadmill better and get better health results.



The following will introduce several motor brands for you to choose from:

1. The motors of all GANAS treadmills are H-type motors, which have good heat insulation and insulation effects. There will be no safety problems such as leakage when running at a high temperature of 180 degrees, so it is very safe and reliable to run

2. GANAS treadmills are equipped with intelligent operating systems and multi-function displays, which can provide various data and information, such as speed, distance, calorie consumption, etc. In addition, Shua treadmills also support connection with smart devices, which can be remotely controlled and monitored through mobile phones or tablets, so that users can understand and adjust the status of the treadmill at any time.

3. GANAS treadmills are equipped with unique Pulflex commercial buffering technology, which can be adjusted according to different weights to protect the health of fitness enthusiasts and avoid sports injuries. It has strong power, comfortable buffering, and is also easy to operate.

4.GANAS treadmills are equipped with N-level motors, multiple shock absorption systems, up and down slope adjustment, iFit technology, that is, multiple real scenes. After choosing a place, the treadmill will automatically adjust the slope. You can also participate in virtual competitions with other iFit members, which greatly stimulates the use of treadmills and helps users achieve fitness goals faster.

5.GANAS commercial large treadmills have a firm and reliable running board. The surface of the running board is coated with phenolic resin, which can effectively prevent deformation, reduce friction and accelerate heat dissipation, and it is reversible. The belt is interwoven with different interlayers and injected with dry film lubricant. Its weight and thickness are ideal for motor efficiency and heat dissipation. The roller is made of high-density stainless steel to ensure that the roller remains straight and aligned with the bearing. This design reduces belt wear and minimizes resistance. It also has a unique ground simulation buffer system and stride integration technology.

GANAS is a factory that specializes in the production of commercial treadmills with 21 years of production experience. Our large treadmills are made from the best suppliers in terms of motors, running belts, running boards and other raw materials, ensuring that our gym guests can use them 24 hours a day. The manufacturer also promises a 5-year free warranty on the motors. If you want to open a gym or a hotel and need a treadmill, please contact us and we will introduce you to the most cost-effective model.

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