Mongolia-Bumbod Fitness Club II -800SQM-KY-H5000 Series

Mongolia-Bumbod Fitness Club II -800SQM-KY-H5000 Series

Mongolia is a country with rapid sports development, and more and more people are paying attention to health and fitness. In this rapidly developing market, the demand for gyms is gradually increasing.

The Mongolian customer wanted to seize this opportunity and engage in the gym industry, so he came to China to look for high-quality fitness equipment suppliers. The Mongolian customer visited many Chinese suppliers and finally chose GANAS. He said that GANAS handles the production details very well. Whether it is cutting, bending, welding, spraying, baking, etc. of equipment, we take it seriously. In addition, we respond very quickly. When customers come to the GANAS factory, they enter the reception room. Seeing that we have so many good reviews and photos from customers from different countries, and listing so many perfect after-sales services, customers decisively chose us. 


As a professional fitness equipment factory, strict production technology is our aim. In terms of product design, GANAS's design team conducts appearance and functional design based on market demand and technical standards, and conducts engineering verification to ensure that product design meets Mechanical structure and ergonomic principles; in the selection of raw material suppliers, choose reliable raw material suppliers and will not choose low-cost raw materials to control costs to ensure that the material quality is controllable; adopt advanced production methods in the production and manufacturing stage Equipment and processes for processing and assembling products. Implement strict quality control processes to monitor and inspect every aspect of the production process to ensure that the products meet quality standards; after production is completed and before packaging, GANAS will test each piece of equipment to ensure that every piece of equipment received by the customer All equipment is in good condition and has no problems.


GANAS also provides free 3D design services to Mongolian customers. GANAS's design team uses professional 3D software design to design the site based on the site information provided by the customer. Help customers optimize site layout, space utilization and functional settings; and after completing all modifications and adjustments, deliver the final 3D site design to customers. At the same time, we provide renderings or renderings of the design plan so that customers can clearly see the design effect.


Mongolian customers chose our KY-9 series among the plate-type strength equipment. This series is based on Italian brand fitness equipment. Among the plug-type strength equipment, they chose our American brand fitness equipment. This series is known for its innovative design. , high quality, diversity, user experience, full-service and sustainable development and other advantages, it has become one of the leading brands in the fitness equipment industry.


On February 3, 2024, the Mongolian customer gym Bumbod Fitness Club II officially opened in Ulaanbaatar, covering an area of 800 square meters, and provided very good videos and pictures to GANAS for promotion. His customers said that they like the fitness equipment we provide very much because of its user-friendly interface, comfortable use, and safety. Yes, only in this way can the user's training effect be improved, user satisfaction improved, and more gym members obtained. Choose GANAS fitness equipment and you won’t be disappointed!

GANAS is here to congratulate the Mongolian customer gym Bumbod Fitness Club II on its grand opening and having more members!

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