How to choose a good brand when we need to buy gym equipment

There are many good gym equipment brands like LIFE、TECHNOGYM、PRECOR、ICON、GANASFITNESS, etc.

When we want to buy gym equipment, it’s easy to be confused about how to choose a good one because there are too many brands and kinds of products. At this time, we need to decide one according to our real needs.

First of all, we need to know that fitness equipment is usually divided into commercial use and home use, the most apparent difference between them is the difference use of materials. To meet the needs of intense use of exercise equipment in gym, commercial use gym equipment is made of more durable materials, while the materials of home use equipment is not so strict because they are used only by few people and not frequently employed, that’s why home use exercise equipment is cheaper than commercial use gym equipment.

Of course there is a kind of fitness equipment among commercial use and home use, called light commercial use gym equipment. This kind of equipment is usually used by some small commercial gym, small and medium-sized hotel gymnasium, gymnasium of enterprises and institutions and army gym. Light commercial gym equipment’s price and materials are among commercial use and home use. So we have many choices of gym equipment for exercise.

Lastly, let’s talk more about the price of exercise equipment. Foreign brands like LIFE、TECHNOGYM、PRECOR, etc. are all brands with great strength and heritage and the materials it used are guaranteed. But these traditional brands don’t like to change their design style too much. If we have enough money and like traditional gym equipment design, it’s great to consider these brands well.

Home use fitness equipment brands like ICON、Nordic Track、PRO-FORM, etc. have their brand premium and the prices will be very high. So if we are not fond of one or some of these brands, we can find a OEM at home and abroad, because all the gym equipment is similar in function, the difference is some are restricted by patent. China, as a factory of the world, has some factories having get the patent authorization of foreign household fitness equipment brands.

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