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Fitness equipment development history

: 2018-08-20 14:55:14 | : 287

 The ancient Greeks who founded the ancient Olympic Games made outstanding contributions in this regard. I remembered that a group of naked athletes who were already in the upper body knew about using strength training to improve their performance.These heavy objects are the most primitive power devices.

Ancient Greek dumbbells


Ancient Greek dumbbells before 2000
According to historical records: As early as the 5th century BC, the ancient Greeks had been using a device similar to today's dumbbells for strength training to increase muscle strength. In addition to our familiar Discobolus, in some of the preserved ancient Greek illustrations, we can also see muscle-strong men, fixed stones or metal blocks on both ends of the stick to increase muscle training.
Ancient Greek dumbbells

As for who invented the modern barbell, no one explained it.

One of the arguments was that in the middle of the 19th century, a large club in France had the first spherical barbell.

Before the appearance of this thing, members used a wooden stick when they were exercising... Club owner Hippolyte Triat, who couldn't bear to endure, inserted two balls at the ends of a wooden stick. Therefore, the training intensity immediately came up. Everyone screamed in unison.

The modern barbell was born...

This cute spherical barbell style has been popular until the middle of the 20th century and has gradually been replaced by modern Olympic standards. However, in today's professional Hercules competition, you can see this barbell -

2 It was also in the late 19th and early 20th centuries that modern fitness developed that people invented many strange devices to aid training.
Fitness equipment development history

No Nike and Adidas, no WiFi, no TV, and of course no mobile phone charging port.... These creative original fitness equipment show the classic steampunk style; the models are really deductive and tearful.

Look at these two "treadmills" - wooden original sports belts with high-heeled hard sandals... In addition to passion, it is difficult to explain in words why they will have the courage to stand up.

What professional cushion cushioning, elastic shock absorber, real-time heart rate monitoring, custom training program....... That is 100 years later.

In the era when the carriage was very popular, this was their "spin bike." Later, finally there was a real "sports bike" - on the huge clock dial, the pointer slowly turned, telling the rider that the work had been burned. Looking at the happy expression of everyone, high heels are no longer a burden...

3 The invention and technical development of modern fitness equipment always follow three rules: satisfying the use, improving efficiency and creating fun. The stereotypes and perfection of the fitness equipment itself also promote the maturity of fitness in the commercial field and slowly industrialize. The commercialization of fitness, in turn, has pushed the entire field. When people discuss "fitness", they no longer equate it with the "Ano Schwarzenegger" type of hard training, and hope to have a new model. To meet the "not so professional needs", there will be demand, and naturally will give birth to opportunities. In the 1970s, American Arthor Jones founded the device brand “Nautilus”. This was one of the beginnings of rigorous thinking about the combination of ergonomics and fitness, and the development of a brand that fits the training needs of the "ordinary people" and is easy to use. Blue Monster is one of Jones' comprehensive training devices that offers training in four poses. We can see that it has gradually approached the equipment we saw today in most fitness clubs. Interestingly, this kind of equipment developed for the needs of ordinary people is also welcomed by professional athletes.

In 1977, the film Raw Iron, starring Arno, showed a variety of stationary equipment, mostly from Nautilus. Governor and his friends | Raw Iron, 1977 Lions Gate Lions Gate
Raw Iron

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