Russia- Rocket Gym 800 SQM-Life Fitness Series

Russian Rocket Fitness Center,it located in the bustling commercial center of Cheboksary, Russia. 

Russia- Rocket Gym 800 SQM-Life Fitness Series

Russia is a country that loves fitness. There are almost no people who do not exercise. In Russia, fitness is regarded as a way of life. Because the climate in Russia is cold in winter and people stay at home in winter, they will choose indoor fitness equipment, such as going to the gym Or practice yoga at home.

Russian Rocket Fitness Center,it located in the bustling commercial center of Cheboksary, Russia.  Cover area more than 800 square meters. It includes strength area, aerobic area, private training area, etc.

The entire gym is designed in an industrial style with black and blue as the main tone. The customer selected GANAS luxury high-end series equipment, customized black life fitness series + blue Hummer series equipment with black aerobic equipment. All equipment is unified with the main theme of the gym. It looks really amazing, business is really booming~

Rocket came to China and compared several companies and said that our product quality is better than other factories, and the details are handled very well. He is very satisfied with the use of 10mm pipes. Our pipes are purchased from listed companies and baked. It is also baked twice, and the welding is also full welding, not spot welding, as customers expect

Before Renovation

Design Scheme for the gym

Design Scheme for the gym

The client was very pleased with the results of the design, and after seeing the first set of designs, he felt thatGanas gym equipment was able to understand their needs and therefore recognized our professionalism. After more than 2 months of cooperation and optimization, we finally designed a very marketing-oriented space design for the client. 

Trial Assembling



Achievement Exhibition for gym



Achievement Exhibition for gym



When we saw the feedback video and photos from the Rocket's gym installation, our team was stunned. The effect of the gym was better than we and the customer expected. Here we wish the gym is full of customers!

In this cooperation, we provide Russia customers with MT Series, Hummer Strength Series, Treadmill is KY-790, etc. At the same time, we also bring you to know the following common gym equipment:

Best Selling MT-70 Series: It is our best-selling series with good price, America PRECOR Design. The real gym is very beautiful and lots of clients like it. 

Top Quality VS series: It is our top luxury high quality MATRIX VERSA Series, use aluminum alloy pulley system, which is strong and very heavy duty, make commercial gym luxurious 

Luxury MG Series:  It's our top luxury high quality American Life Series,99% design from it

Popular G-Series: It is our popular G series,99% design from Italy Style-Gym. With luxury and high quality looks, lots of clients like it very much~

Plate Loaded Series: also known as free weight machines, are designed to help you reach a higher level of fitness than typical exercise machines and basic training exercises. You can easily target specific muscle groups depending on your goals.

Functional Multi Station: Functional trainers are a popular choice for improving overall strength and functional fitness. They are typically used in a commercial gym or fitness center. Functional Trainers are an efficient and affordable workout solution. 

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