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What fitness equipment is available in the gym?

: 2018-09-11 13:42:43 | : 202

 1. Free strength equipment (12 types) A Free strength equipment is a device that can be moved in any direction in any way.

Barbell: A combination of a bar and a barbell. The length is 1.5~2.1 meters and is divided into 7 types:
Olympic barbell: Barbell for weightlifting and powerlifting (bed press, squat, deadlift), common in gyms. It weighs 20kg and has a length of 2.1 meters. The rods at both ends of the rod (hanging barbell) have a diameter of 5 cm, and the diameter of the rod in the middle of the rod is 2.5 cm. The grip of the rod has a embossed portion for easy grip.
2. standard barbell: Similar to the Olympus barbell, the middle of the rod has a diameter of 2.5 cm and the grip portion has a ridge. But the diameter of the ends of the rod is only 2.5cm.
3.Fixed barbell: the barbell that has been added to the barbell.
4. EZ curl bar: Some parts of the rod are curved. This barbell can reduce the dumbbells of the user's wrist. When the user performs a barbell curl with the EZ curl bar, the long head (outside) of the biceps muscle is more irritated.
5. fat bar: A barbell with a larger (thicker) diameter on the grip. The grip portion of a conventional barbell has a diameter of 2.5 cm, while the grip portion of a thick barbell has a diameter of 5-8 cm. Training with this barbell can be practiced for a stronger grip. However, when such a barbell is used for pulling up, rowing, etc., it will affect the strength and circumference of the muscle (because the weight used will be lighter).
6. safety squat bar: The barbell used for squatting. There are 2 handles that are perpendicular to the barbell. When performing squats, the user can hand grip the handle to improve safety.
7. trap bar: The middle is a hexagonal barbell. During training, the user stands inside the barbell and holds the handle. This type of barbell is usually used for shrugging or deadlifting.Weight steel: Iron pieces hung on a barbell or fitness equipment, ranging in weight from 0.5kg to 20kg, divided into 3 types:
1. Olympic weight plates: The hole in the middle is 5.4cm in diameter and is used for the Olympic bell.
2. standard weight plate: The hole in the middle is 3cm in diameter and is used for standard barbells.
3. bumper plates: One of the Olympus barbells, the outer edge of which is rubber, which can reduce the impact on the ground after the barbell falls.
Collar: Clamp on the barbell to stabilize the barbell.
Dumbbell: Everyone on earth knows! The length is 20-30 cm and the length of the grip portion is usually 15 cm. Divided into two types: one is fixed in weight and the total weight is adjustable (removable).
Special free strength equipment (9 types)
1. medicine ball: leather or rubber material. The size is different and the weight is different. Medicine balls are often used for throwing training, or occasionally instead of barbell or dumbbell training.
2.Kettlebell: The weight ranges from 7kg to 23kg. It is mainly used for swinging and jerking exercises. The figure below shows a single-arm kettlebell swing.
3Head harness: Usually used for neck exercises to strengthen the neck muscles.
4. weighted belt: a belt tied with a barbell. When performing the parallel bar arm flexion and extension and the pull-ups, the resistance can be increased.
5. weight vest: A vest with a total weight of around 1-18kg. When performing freehand training, you can increase resistance, such as push-ups. It can also be used while running.
6. sand bags: This is not necessary to introduce it. Everyone knows that it can be tied to the legs and other parts to increase resistance.
7. wrist roller: mainly used to exercise the arm muscles, the user turns the handle until the dumbbell moves to the highest position. From the bottom up, you can exercise your arm flexors and exercise your arms from top to bottom.
8.arm blaster: Used when performing barbell curling, it can prevent the upper arm from moving and improve the exercise effect.
9. landmine: fixed at one end, placed on one end of the barbell, can carry out a variety of training exercises, exercise muscles in all parts of the body.
5. Human body equipment
The human body itself is a kind of device. When we carry out freehand training, our own weight is resistance.
Self-weight: training with its own weight as resistance, such as push-ups, pull-ups, parallel bars and arms, squats, and belly.
1.chin-up bar: Everyone on earth knows, needless to say. But not many people can now do a standard pull-up.
2. dip bars: mainly used for the flexion and extension of the parallel bars and the lifting of the legs. Very good equipment, but not many people will use it.
3. The vertical bench: is mainly used for leg lifting (exercise the abdomen, the back is close to the back). Some vertical chairs have handles with parallel bars that can replace the parallel bars.

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