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Bolivia-Bicos Gym 360 SQM-Top Quality LF Serise

Bolivia Bico’s Fitness Center, located Ciudad Tarija,the bustling business center of the Bolivia, covers an area of more than 360 square meters, including strength area, aerobic area, personal trainer, etc., which equipped with full set professional gym machines.Mr.Luis, the owner of the gym, is an international professional and high-end trainer, who is extremely popular and influential in local. He has trained many world champions.They use GANAS the Top quality Lifefitness Series equipment, matched with KY-760B, KY-3201,KY-3203 and other high-end aerobic series, to build a first-class high-end competitive training and fitness center in Bolivia.

The customer found GANAS fitness equipment through the platform and said that he already had a venue with a total of 360 square meters. When we saw the customer's venue, we were very happy to tell the customer that we could help the customer design the venue layout for free.

GANAS professional design team helped to design the layout of the venue. According to the size of the gymnasium and the needs of customers, it planned the aerobic area, strength area, leisure area, private training area, sauna room and reception room. Customers are very happy after seeing our design draft. Said as if to see his gym has taken shape.

Floor Plan
Infection Diagram

There are many types of GANAS strength equipment and aerobic equipment, such as the popular and cost-effective MT-7 series, high-quality VS series and LF series, luxury G series, etc. Finally, the customer chose the high-quality LF series. He finally chose the high-quality LF series after comparison. The main material of our LF series is a 120*60*3.0mm rectangular tube, which fully meets the safety strength of the equipment; solid aluminum alloy bearings : The rotating parts are all made of high-precision aluminum alloy bearings, with a service life of up to 10 years; the baking paint is made of PFA American Dupont MP102 powder. The spraying material on the surface is environmentally friendly powder, which is harmless to the human body, and it is durable and never falls off; the seat cushion and back cushion use space memory cotton as the material, which has automatic shaping, can absorb impact force, is breathable, moisture-absorbing, moisture-proof, and mildew-proof to protect your health; pulleys The steel cable is made of high-quality ABS pulley, which will never deform, and the 8-strand synthetic strong steel cable has passed 10,000 times of tensile test.





After producing the customer's product, we started to arrange delivery. We ordered a 40-foot container for the customer. After the customer received the product, we said that we could arrange a professional installer to guide how to install it online. The customer found a local installation for convenience. personnel.

This cooperation customer is very satisfied, gave us a five-star praise, and said to promote GANAS gym equipment manufacturer!



Ganas gym equipment commercial strength equipment is designed to fulfill every need from facilities big and small. We’ve been an innovator within the commercial fitness equipment industry for over 20 years, and that vast experience has helped us to make the most reliable equipment around.

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