How To Open A Gym In 2023 And Make It Profitable

 Proposition for the year: open a gym. It's an idea that many people have in mind, and it may seem challenging (it is) but it can also be very rewarding. One of the things you need to consider is how to make your gym or sports club profitable. At Fitness Magazine, we are going to give you a few ideas so that you can open a gym in 2023 and be profitable as soon as possible.

Planning to open a gym

The desire and motivation are a good start. The following are the main elements to take into account when preparing your business plan:

What will your gym look like?

Consider whether you want to set up a general gym, aimed at a certain audience, a gym boutique. How many rooms do you want, how many equipment will work in it, what machines do you want to install in the club? Do you want a bar area or a shop? Define well everything you want in your gym and write it down.

SWOT analysis

Whether it's the area where you want to locate your gym, the costs or potential clients, isolating each of these factors separately will help you get an overview of your project.

The cost of opening a gym

Analyze how much the investment and the coaches' salaries will cost you, as well as the equipment: are you going to buy or rent gym machines? What will the workers' salaries be? What kind of work will be done? Calculate the investment and you will be able to work with figures that are closer to reality.

Follow the trends in fitness

Don't forget to always keep an eye on current fitness trends. Each case and each centre will have its own needs, but it never hurts to see if you can offer any of those activities that are becoming increasingly interesting.

Where is your gym located?

Choosing a good location for your gym will make the difference in making it profitable. A very positive option is to open a gym franchise: they have a whole team that will support and help you when choosing the best space based on market research, the situation of other gyms and previous experiences. And if you do not want to open a franchise, look for a consulting company to help you with these studies of the sector.

Know your competition well

It is very important to know your competition well. Not only clubs or gyms like yours but also municipal centres or any other type of club that can become a competition.

How to choose gym machines

You will have to choose whether you want to buy gym machines or rent them, an alternative way that can be beneficial for a starting center.

Betting on innovation in fitness equipment can be a good idea if you think your members are going to take advantage of it. Having a state-of-the-art machine is a factor to be taken into account, but it is also important to use it and make it an essential and attractive element for customers. The important thing, in any case, is to contact the manufacturer of gym equipment and get advice.

Create a client-oriented strategy for the gymnasium

According to study, 68% of a personal trainer's clients leave because of bad experiences and 2/3 of gym clients do not feel valued by the instructors.

Thinking about the member is to know him/her, to know his/her needs and to offer the activities he/she likes the most and even those he/she does not know yet but which fall within his/her range of possibilities. To listen to their demands, their complaints and their congratulations, and based on that, to set up a gym that will solve things for their members and encourage them to return every day.

Communication on the web and social networks

In addition to customer service, it is very important to take care of the club's digital presence, both on its website and on social networks. A gym usually has a more local profile, so communication will have to follow this line: calendars, events and offers. And encouraging clients to participate in social networks will be the best way to give visibility to the centre and increase the ratio of partners.



Other things you should also know include:

The services

You can offer a wide range of services with a single fee or set different lower fees depending on the services received. It is highly recommended to have a schedule of more than 12 hours and sometimes open on weekends. Almost all centres include a sports equipment and food store.

The customer niches

In addition to the people who live in the neighborhood, we can attract the companies around, offering them special rates if they pay part of the gym fees to their employees. Other interesting niches are the nearby sports centres, schools and shops in the neighborhood, as well as the elderly group.

The activities

It is important to read specialized magazines to be aware of the latest trends. At the moment, the most popular are cardiovascular stations, with bicycles and treadmills, and group classes such as spinning. There are also so-called "relaxing gymnastics", such as yoga and taichi.


It is convenient to make a campaign on the occasion of the opening of the place to be known in the neighborhood. Mailing, mailings and flyers are the most effective initiatives. Larger centres are advertised on the radio or in the local press, and some even in cinemas.

The facilities

The most common are aerobics room or collective classes; a multipurpose room; fitness room; reception with shops or windows of sports equipment and nutrition; a warehouse and an office from which to manage the business. A swimming pool is another important element to differentiate oneself from other centres.

Fitness Magazine equips your gym and gives you advice

At Fitness Magazine, we know that it is not enough to provide you with the best gym machines. That's why, with our experience and knowledge, we do our bit to make your gym a success.

We give you ideas for the placement of the machines and we advise you to exploit them to the maximum of their uses and benefits. Do not hesitate to contact us to equip your gym, and if you dare to open one in 2018, count on us to advise you.


To succeed in this business, it is essential to choose the right location for the center, have good professionals, have management training, make an analysis of the sector and have the necessary technical advice. Not only is it essential to have the most in vogue devices, but also to offer the latest activities such as personal trainers. Opening a gym can be a profitable business when we have the right plan, the right budget, and the right team to work with. On top of that, know what your competitors are doing and do it better than them; offer services they are not offering that you think will be good for your location.

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