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Sanya Phoenix International Airport-Office&Apartment Gym-200SQM

Sanya Phoenix International Airport is located in Fenghuang Village, Tianya District, Sanya City, Hainan Province, China, about 11 kilometers east of the center of Sanya. It is a 4E-class civil transport international airport and a domestic trunk airport in China. As a first-class transportation company serving the people, Hainan Sanya Phoenix Airport 3 cares about the needs of passengers externally, and puts the health of its employees first internally. In order to improve the physical fitness of employees and meet their fitness needs. Recently, Sanya Phoenix Airport in Hainan Province invited "gym customization expert" Kangyi fitness equipment production factory to build an exclusive gym for employees. At present, all fitness equipment has been installed and accepted.At present, all the fitness equipment has been installed and accepted. The following is the basic situation of this project.

Project Name: Hainan Sanya Phoenix Airport Gym

Site area: about 200㎡

list: Commercial Treadmill;Elliptical Machine;Spining Bike;Rope Climbing Machine;Smith Machine;Crossover Machine;Rear Delt / Pec Fly;Outer Thigh Abductor;High pully&low pully (2 in 1);45° Leg Press Machine;Shoulder Press Machine;Biceps curl;Seated leg extension;Plate tree;Super Hack Squat;Olympic bench press;Multi adjustable bench;

In this cooperation, we provide Sanya Phoenix International Airport with MT Series, Treadmill is KY-760,Elliptical Machine KY-3201,etc. At the same time, we also bring you to know the following common gym equipment:

Best Selling MT-70 Series: It is our best-selling series with good price, America PRECOR Design. The real gym is very beautiful and lots of clients like it. 

Top Quality VS series: It is our top luxury high quality MATRIX VERSA Series, use aluminum alloy pulley system, which is strong and very heavy duty, make commercial gym luxurious 

Luxury MG Series: It's our top luxury high quality American Life Series,99% design from it

Popular G-Series: It is our popular G series,99% design from Italy Style-Gym. With luxury and high quality looks, lots of clients like it very much~

Plate Loaded Series: also known as free weight machines, are designed to help you reach a higher level of fitness than typical exercise machines and basic training exercises. You can easily target specific muscle groups depending on your goals.

Functional Multi Station: Functional trainers are a popular choice for improving overall strength and functional fitness. They are typically used in a commercial gym or fitness center. Functional Trainers are an efficient and affordable workout solution. 

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