Garage Gym 25 SQM in America

America customer browsed our website and found us. He said he had a garage that he wanted to convert into a garage gym, and he wanted us to help him. Yes, this is our strength. As long as you give us the drawings, GANAS will take care of the rest. Not just fitness equipment, but everything in any gym.

Project Name: Garage Gym(INFAMOUS)

Site area: about 25㎡

List: Multifounctional Squat Rack,Adjustable Bench,High Pully Machine,Dumbbell,Barbell Plate,Customize Multi Functional Storage Weight Plate Rack Dumbbell Rack,Treadmill,Spinning Bike,Rubber Floor.

After browsing the pictures, do you think our American customer’s garage gym is particularly beautifully decorated? If you also want to build a home gym, you are right to choose GANAS. GANAS will help you realize your home gym dream.

You may have a question, how should we cooperate? You only need to send us the floor plan of your room, or build your room from scratch: GANAS's professional design team can help you design your room for free, quickly and conveniently. Select and add furniture and equipment to make the most of your space, and preview your home gym in 3D.

Seriously, dumbbells are a very basic piece of equipment in home fitness and are useful for building strength and body shaping. For beginners, it is recommended to choose a set of dumbbells with smaller mass so that they can be used more flexibly. If you already have some experience, it is recommended to choose dumbbells of moderate weight to ensure that you can get good exercise results over a longer period of time.

The bench press rack is ideal for working out your chest muscles, but it can also work your shoulders and triceps. If you want to make your chest muscles more developed, the flat bench press rack is a good choice. Some flat bench presses still come with hooks that can be used to hang dumbbells and barbells to increase your exercise load.

About Cardo Equipment:

An spinning bike is a great piece of equipment to use in a home gym. Not only does it help tone your leg muscles, it also increases cardiorespiratory fitness and coordination. At the same time, using an exercise bike can also achieve a certain weight loss effect. An spnning bike is a great choice for beginners because it is relatively safe and easy to operate. For experienced bodybuilders, better results can be achieved by adjusting parameters such as resistance and speed. Treadmills are great for cardio and lower body strength. When choosing a treadmill, you need to consider the size of your gym, as well as the size and weight of the treadmill. It is recommended to choose a foldable treadmill to save your space when not in use.

The rowing machine is an ideal piece of equipment for exercising your body's muscles and cardiopulmonary function. It can effectively improve the strength of shoulders, back and abdomen and further increase body coordination. Using a rowing machine can also improve flexibility and problems such as muscle pain or strains. Rowing machines are also a great option for those who enjoy rowing outdoors.

In short, for a 30-square-meter home gym, it is very important to choose the right equipment. Dumbbells, bench presses, exercise bikes, rowing machines, and treadmills will help you fully exercise your body and help you maintain a healthy mindset.

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