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Do you know the characteristics of fitness equipment commonly used in the gym?

: 2018-10-25 13:59:09 | : 235

 Going to the gym in modern society has become a popular fitness method. After a day of work,to many white-collar workers likes to go to the gym to execise. Although the gym club has professional fitness instructors,but not everyone knows the different fitness equipment features in the gym club. Most people go to the fitness club and only run on the treadmill and riding a spinning bike. But the gym club is not only aerobics fitness equipment, but also a lot of good fitness helpers such as: strength training equipment, can better help you bodybuilding.Let me introduce some fitness equipment commonly used in the gym.

1.Commercial treadmill
The commercial treadmill is a convenient, time-saving and weather-free device. The regular running can protect the heart. The heart is an important organ for the body to be aging. The normal function of the heart has a direct impact on the function of other internal organs.
2. Elliptical machine
The commercial heavy-duty elliptical machine can effectively combine the movements of the arms and legs, and can also achieve the purpose of coordination of the limbs and keeping the body curve.It is more conducive to cardio-pulmonary function training, the exercise volume is not too big and Suitable for people of different ages.
3. Spinning bike
The commercial Spinning bike is a sport with different speeds and resistance, plus rock music and multi-color lighting in the gym, This exercise can burn excess fat on your body.
4.butterfly machine
The butterfly machine primarily trains your chest muscles. The pectoral muscles (pectoralis major and pectoral minor, referred to as the pecs) bring the arms together in front of the body. In contrast to other pec and chest exercises such as push-ups, the eGym butterfly machine trains the chest muscles across the full range of motion. On the butterfly, your pecs still have to be fully engaged at the endpoint. This means the inner areas of the chest in particular are more effectively trained. Well-developed chest muscles are essential for stabilization and the overall health of the shoulder joint.
5.Smith machine
Smith machine is one of the popular strength equipment. It is effective, very safe to use, and has many benefits like strength enhancement, muscle toning, and improving endurance. Smith machine was invented in the mid 1950 in the effort to reduce the injury rate of weight lifting making it safer and easier to train. It involves cables and wires that hold the barbell reducing the risks of accidents involving fallen weights.
6.bench press
The bench press exercise activates a large number of muscle groups in the upper-half of your body. Such groups include your pecs, deltoids, your forearm muscles, hand muscles and your abdominals. Add the bench press to your workout to build your strength for push-ups, improve your power for sports performance and build bone density in your upper body.
7.rowing machine
Great for weight loss, toning and building muscles, and increasing stamina, it works out several major muscle groups and will help you develop both your upper and lower body. Most importantly, using a rowing machine gets your heart pumping and lungs working, providing a serious aerobic workout.
8.Dumbbell bench
Dumbbell benches are generally inclined, lying down, and inclined, so that you can do a lot of exercises with dumbbells. the Dumbbell benches adds Unilateral Strength and Development.Also increase Increasing Range of Motion for Joint Health and Power,Development of Stabilization Muscles.
9. Multi Jungle

Combined training for exercising the whole body and improving the range of joint movement. There are generally eight components: wrist flexion and extension trainer, shoulder rotation trainer (wheel), forearm rotation trainer, single wall puller, pulley ring trainer, sports trainer, ribbed shoulder ladder, chest and back correction exerciser.


The above 9 kinds are the most commonly used fitness equipment in the general gym. I hope to help you. Thank you for reading.


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