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Sports girls must know 10 fitness good habits

: 2018-10-31 15:03:16 | : 200

 Exercise is not just about having a better body, but also developing good habits. Although it is about to enter the winter, many people still insist on sports. Today, I will share with you some sports girl knowledge.

Winter is coming, we have to say goodbye to the short-sleeved T-shirt pants, many girls still keep moving. Remember: Exercise is to make your life better and to cultivate better living habits! ! !

Ten fitness habits that girls must cultivate

Habit 1: Nutritional Breakfast
A nutritious breakfast not only allows you to have full energy in the morning, but also speeds up your metabolism throughout the day. If you don't eat well, you will feel hungry and fatigue in the morning.

Habit 2: Carbohydrate-rich food

Our body needs a staple food to maintain good health, but if you want to lose fat, you need to control the intake of staple food. Usually, after dinner, everyone's activity is reduced, so if you eat too much carbohydrate, it will turn into fat.

Habit 3: Drinking water before meals

Maybe everyone has heard that you should drink more water, but you should make a drinking plan for yourself. You should make up one water every two hours at a time. Drinking water before enjoying the main meal will not only improve your stomach but also reduce hunger.

Habit 4: Eating non-processed food

It is best for food to grow without any chemical ingredients! Nuts are healthy, but don't consider fried peanuts! Juice is not as healthy as eating fruit directly. Try to enjoy the original taste of vegetables and fruits. Don't be bothered, try to prepare three meals for yourself at home! ! Both losing weight and saving money have become rich and thin people.

Habit 5: Only 15 minutes to exercise

Even if you do stretching, it is better than lying on the sofa. Integrating fitness into the habits that you already have in your life, like watching TV? Just sit on the sofa and sit and stretch! Sitting in front of the computer for a long time? Every hour you should stand up and do stretching, activity and bones, thinning is only one of the goals, let the body sport is the most important! ! !

Habit 6: What you think is not necessarily what you think

"You think you want to eat chocolate, but in fact you just want to eat sweet" So at this time you start to use fruit instead of sweets! An apple is much healthier than a cake, or if you eat a sweet potato, it will be more affordable.

Habit 7: investing in sports equipment for yourself

When you have cute fitness equipment, you will often go out to exercise, or you can buy a sports bracelet for yourself, accurately measure the amount of exercise and calories burned throughout the day!

Habit 8: Eat healthy snacks

If you haven't had enough lunch, even if you have a few hours off work, please take a healthy snack! If you make yourself hungry, you will eat a lot at dinner,That's bad for your health. so take some healthy food is very important, take a little nuts, chocolate and a small apple...it will make your body very healthy.

Habit 9: Ingesting healthy body fat

Fat is very important for the normal operation of our body. For example, Omega-3 fatty acids in squid can help muscle repair, reduce fat intake and make the body eager to eat staple food!

Habit 10: Keep enough sleep

In the case of fatigue and lack of sleep, the human body produces “hormones”, it will Make you more hunger and higher blood sugar levels, so keep plenty of sleep to get better work and exercise.

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