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Tanzania -The Cage Gym 1000SQM-High-End Commercial Gym Customization Project-MT-7 Series

Tanzania -The Cage Gym 1000SQM-High-End Commercial Gym Customization Project-MT-7 Series

The Cage Gym is 60 Mtitu, Kalenga St, Dar es Salaam, the largest gym in Tanzania. The customer found us in mid-2021 and directly said that he wanted to buy GANAS fitness equipment. The customer said that GANAS is very famous in their country, and many gyms They all use GANAS fitness equipment. The client is a fitness instructor who started running a gym. GANAS would like to congratulate the client on realizing his dream of opening a gym. We also wish any of you success in your dream of owning your own gym!



The sales team of GANAS invites customers to come to China to experience the product again and see more other series of products, so that they can know which series of products are suitable for them. Before the customer came to the factory, we made many gym plans for the customer. The customer found that the MT-7 series of fitness equipment was the most cost-effective and this series was basically the one purchased locally. Therefore, the customer visited the local gym and finally came directly to us. Placed an order.


The customer said that there are also gym employers in their local area who have purchased other fitness equipment suppliers from China, but there are many problems. For example, the paint is not baked well and the paint starts to peel off soon after use. Later maintenance is very difficult. The customer is very afraid of the poor quality of the fitness equipment. One point, to be honest, the quality of fitness equipment will bring different experiences to buyers and buyers. Every process of GANAS has been strictly controlled to ensure that every fitness equipment is a guarantee of quality. High-strength alloy Steel, wear-resistant and compression-resistant engineering plastics, and carefully selected comfortable materials combine to create a durable and comfortable fit.


The paint spraying process of GANAS fitness equipment usually includes the following steps:

Surface treatment: First, clean and polish the surface of the instrument to ensure that there is no dust, oil or other contaminants on the surface to ensure coating adhesion and smoothness. This is usually done with sandpaper or special chemical cleaners.

Primer application: Next, apply a layer of primer to the surface of the instrument. The purpose of the primer is to provide good adhesion, prevent rust, and provide an even base for subsequent coats. Primer is usually applied after the surface is completely dry.

Midcoat/topcoat application: After the primer is dry, apply the midcoat or topcoat. Select appropriate colors and coatings based on design requirements and customer needs. This step usually requires multiple sprays to ensure uniformity and thickness of the coating.

Drying: After completing the coating, place the equipment in a dedicated drying room for drying. Drying time and temperature are usually determined by the type and thickness of the coating used to ensure that the coating is fully cured and hardened.

Trimming and retouching: After the coating is completely dry, perform necessary trimming and retouching work, including repairing possible flaws, removing excess paint, etc.

Quality inspection: Finally, quality inspection is conducted on the coated equipment to ensure that the quality of the coating meets the requirements, and necessary packaging and labeling are performed.

It should be noted that the paint spraying process for fitness equipment requires the use of professional equipment and chemicals, and operators need to have relevant skills and experience to ensure coating quality and safety. In addition, environmental protection and safety issues also need to be taken seriously to avoid pollution and harm to the environment.


The Tanzanian client was very thoughtful and adopted a red tone to make gym members full of motivation!

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