Cambodia-Lafit fitness 350 SQM Luxury Hotel Gym

Cambodia-Lafit fitness 350 SQM Luxury Hotel Gym

GANAS is here to congratulate Lafit fitness on its opening!

Lafit fitness is a luxury sports and leisure island resort located in Meanchey District, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It has a very strategic location and is inspired by the relaxed and pleasant seaside resort life. It is set in a tropical garden overlooking the azure sea view, creating a unique island tourism. destination. The Spa Village has dry steam rooms, wet steam rooms, swimming pools, restaurants, cafes and gyms provided by GANAS, gathering tourists from all over the world.


When Spa Village invited GANAS to create a gym activity space layout exclusive to them, and provide it with scientific, safe and professional sports and fitness solutions. GANAS considers that Spa Village customers come from different fields and have different needs for sports gyms. When GANAS built a gym for Spa Village, it clearly divided the aerobic exercise area, strength area, and free strength area to meet different fitness groups.


Aerobic fitness equipment includes treadmills, unpowered treadmills, stair machines, elliptical machines, exercise bikes, etc. In the configuration of strength equipment, the internationally renowned brand Hammer is adopted, which is ergonomically designed and makes the use experience more scientific and comfortable. In the free power area, we chose the same internationally renowned American brand.


In mid-2023, we invited Spa Village customers to inspect GANAS and communicate with the professional GANAS design team face-to-face about the design drawings. Through the design placement drawings, we can know exactly how much equipment is equipped. The GANAS design team can help design a professional gym layout. Reception area, leisure area, child care area, aerobic equipment area, strength area and free weight area, private training area, spinning room, yoga clothes, group exercise room, etc., as well as the floor of the gym,


The floor of the gym is not only for decoration, it also has both safety and functionality. Especially in areas where tires, battle ropes, kettlebells, free weights and resistance equipment and other tools are used for sports training and functional training, high-quality flooring will be chosen. Density synthetic sports flooring. These floors are made of high-density rubber and plastic foam and are available in a variety of colors and thicknesses. Areas focusing on Pilates or yoga are suitable for multi-functional wooden sports floors. The lighting in the gym is not just about lighting color. Combining lighting with lighting can actually create an atmosphere, because color is a key tool in establishing the right feelings and emotions. If your gym focuses on high-intensity training, a combination of bright colors can create a high-energy effect and motivate people to train actively. If the gym is focused on physical, mental and spiritual retreats, then a color tone closer to the earth is needed to create a natural and relaxing feeling.


Considering that the Spa Village is an island resort, GANAS equipped Lafit fitness with a sauna. A gym sauna is a common facility that provides gym members with a space to relax and unwind. And there are many benefits. First, a sauna can help relax muscles. After strenuous exercise, muscles can become tight and sore. When you enter the sauna, your body will be surrounded by a high-temperature environment, which helps relax tense muscles and reduce pain.



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