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Why are commercial fitness equipment so expensive?

: 2018-11-22 08:54:31 | : 476

Commercial fitness equipment is mainly used in "commercial gyms", clubs, training centers, hotel gyms, etc. Commercial fitness equipment is characterized by "heavy duty", Unlike general fitness equipment, commercial fitness equipment can withstand greater weight and longer life.let me show you 5 tips.

1, material
However, the materials for commercial fitness equipment are “heavy”, and commercial fitness equipment is made of higher quality materials and expensive, and it takes longer to use.

2, service life
The main reason for the difference in cost of commercial fitness equipment and general fitness equipment from the end of life is durability. Commercial fitness equipment is generally found in the 24-hour gym center, so there are designed for 24 hours of uninterrupted use and longer life. A good exercise machine can withstand the exercise of several different gymnasts for several hours everyday.

3, weight
Fitness equipment from weight is heavier than ordinary fitness equipment, and it can bear more weight than general fitness equipment.

4, electricity
From the power point of view, because commercial fitness equipment must run 24 hours a day, the gym and family have different power requirements for fitness equipment. Most premium commercial treadmills require special dedicated outlets. Electricity consumption is also an important consideration when considering electricity bills.

5, the price
From the price point of view, the commercial fitness equipment is also higher than the average fitness equipment. In some parts of the world, in some commercial establishments, such as gyms, clubs, hotels, if you use home fitness equipment, you will be held accountable by law.

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