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4 different tips between home gym equipment and commercial gym equipment?

: 2018-12-03 11:51:06 | : 287

There are many types of gym equipment, and the classification is very detailed. In general, commercial gym equipment is commonly used in institutions, hotel gyms, and Fitness club. home gym equipment and commercial gym equipment vary greatly from appearance to internal configuration, and from function to life cycle. So what is the difference between home gym equipment and commercial gym equipment? let me show you 4 different tips.


The motor of a home treadmill is usually a DC motor, and the commercial motor is an AC motor. The motor is the core parameter of the treadmill. The performance of a treadmill is mainly determined by the size of the motor. Generally, a home treadmill of 1.5HP is sufficient to cope with daily exercise. However, the requirements for the motor of a commercial treadmill are more than 3HP. The peak horsepower of some commercial treadmills can reach 7HP.even in some countries, the law requires that a gym or university must use a commercial treadmill.

Tips2.Power Usage

Due to have to run 24 hours a day, most commercial gym machines have different electrical requirements than home units. Most commercial treadmills,Power usage is also an important factor to consider when thinking about the electricity bill.if you're  choose a commerical treadmill,You have to think about paying more electricity every month.


Commercial gym equipment is more expensive because it is used by people of different weights every day. The weight of general equipment is heavier than that of home gym equipment. Some gym equipment uses special metal materials to reduce weight. If consumers are on an extremely tight budget but still want a gym machine for the home, a home unit would be recommended. A home gym unit is usually around half of the cost of a commercial grade gym machine and can easily be found at large retailers.


The biggest difference between home gym equipment and commercial gym equipment is durability. Commercial fitness equipment is designed to be used 24 hours a day, A commercial grade gym machine is built to withstand dozens of different runners per day for hours a day for years and years., and is very durable, usually a commercial treadmill if daily,If a consumer were to bring a commercial fitness machine home, they would be hard pressed to do any significant damage or have to ever replace it for tens of years.

if you want know more about commrical gym equipment information,You can read my other introduction about commercial fitness equipment article.

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