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How to use ganas gym equipment series

: 2018-12-27 10:29:05 | : 202

 The G-601 Shoulder Press

The G-601 Shoulder Press invites people to train more effectively to define their desired shoulders. There are no fears of intruders in this machine. There is activation of the abdominal muscles when the user decides to remain standing.

Product features

1. The elliptical path is naturally capable of exercising all the muscles of the head trainer.

2. The motion is similar to the "bar.”

3. It functions with two machine arms working independently to increase shoulder coordination.

4. A moving plane located slightly in front of the shoulder to reduce impingement of the shoulders.

5. Neutral Grip can facilitate varieties of style.

6. Varieties of handle sizes are available for varieties of users.

Recommend the application

1. It targets the shoulder muscles.

2. It enhances the stability of the shoulder joint.

3. It corrects the muscular imbalance of your arms and torso.

Shoulder press G-601 helps in training your deltoids and triceps


Variety of training

Two independent arms that provide better coordination and the plane of movement is slightly ahead of the shoulder to reduce the impact of the shoulder.

Maximum comfort and safety

Dual handles provide an alternative exercise position to ensure optimum protection of the shoulder joints.

Innovation and versatility

Thanks to its innovative features and many parameters, such as the bright yellow color and easily recognizable, Selection Press ram MED is suitable for a wide range of applications, protocols specific to high-level sports training.

It has a height of 1720 mm, a width of 1500 mm, length of 1750 mm, and a weight of 270 kg

The KY-6021 Commercial Exercise Bikes

The Commercial exercise bikes KY-6021 proved to be fun and an effective vice to keep you in shape. They are ideal for cardio exercise. The use of this machine can be effective in your home or in business. The manufacturing of the KY-6021 commercial exercise bikes is firm, with durable components, such as commercial steel, commercial grade and, in most cases, wheels of 10 kg. Users see more resistance levels on commercial bikes, and some offer an infinite number of levels. The KY-6021 commercial exercise bikes offer adjustable and gel seats, slip control pedals and various adjustments on the steering wheel.






The KY-6021 commercial exercise bikes for training offer a wide range of features; from tracking heart rate to energy recovery technology, which generates energy during training.

This machine is medically fit

For many who want a complete training but are limited by back and muscle pains; the KY-6021 commercial exercise bikes design is especially for this purpose, to enhance the ease of use by people suffering from these pains.

Product description

The size of the product is 1070 * 550 * 1390 mm, gross weight 36.2 kg, net weight 31.1 kg, maximum weight of cargo 100 kg, one-way magnetic flywheel of 5 kg, adjustment 10-speed manual transmission, and belt turning without sound

He KY-6021 commercial exercise bikes for training are stronger than residential bikes. If you are a user who likes to set up your own training, you can always do this on the KY-6021 commercial bikes, depending on the budget, and this product is product friendly.




The Olympic Bench Press MT-7033

The design of The Olympic Bench Press MT-7033 is to enhance support to a robust and stable platform for lifting, which optimally sets the users to obtain the best results. This Olympic Bench Press MT-7033 exercise machine is perfect for muscle or strength training.

The low profile of the bench corresponds to a wide range of users in a stable position that helps reduce the lumbar spine. The geometry of the bench in the vertical position adapts to the free heights while minimizing the outer rotation of the shoulder when selecting the bar. The MT-7033 Olympic bench is perfect for bodybuilding.

bench press



Durable: it is segmented, impact-resistant, protect against wear, and protect the bench and the Olympic rod and permitting for easy replacement.

Integrated storage

The position of the weight storage device that is ideal, ensuring the proximity of the desired masses of panels to the users. The design of this machine fits all Olympic and Dashboard without overlapping, ensuring quick and easy access. The color of the seal is available in red, green, and brown. The customization of this machine color is also possible.

The application of this machine is in the gyms, it has a mat, a three-layer coating, and a tube size of 60 * 120 * 2.5 mm, a total weight 145 kg, size 1190 * 970 * 1660 mm, and is packaged in a box. It is packed in a wooden box of 1 pcs per box. It has dimensions of 173 cm x 178 cm in width x 122 cm in height.


Home-use motorized treadmill


Treadmills are one of the common types of cardio equipment used in gyms and homes. Models such as the SOLE F80, Weslo Cadence G 5.9, and Lifespan TR 1200i are some of the unique fitness equipment you can purchase. As they have the advantages of safe and dampened tracks. Specifically, its design is to appreciate the loss of weight and intensity in training.



  • Construction belt
  • The layer can be single or double
  • It can be a fully portable or foldable treadmill
  • The number and size of rollers
  • The engine size


  • Burns calories
  • Excellent cardiovascular training
  • More impact than running
  • You will feel incredible 


Care and maintenance

Always clean the equipment after training to prevent perspiration. Some treadmills require lubrication before use. Another important factor is the maintenance of the inner circulation belt in an air-conditioned environment, to avoid damaging by excessive heat, humidity, or cold.

General tips for treadmill use

  •  Speak with your doctor if you have wrist or back pains. Your doctor can determine if you should continue walking or if you can do some treadmill workout.
  •  Purchase comfortable shoes. The shoes should bend, support your knots, leave space on your fingers, and extremely comfortable.
  •  Drink water before training. Take a bottle of water with you and place it on the treadmill.
  •  Visit the bathroom before using this machine.
  •  Use thick dense socks to avoid blisters.
  •  Warming up before and after each session helps to ease the affected joints.
  •  Swinging your hand assist the rapid burning of calories.
  •  Beware of the settings on the machine. Consider the speed and incline sections where you can increase or decrease the setting. You can also manipulate it by customizing the settings to suit the doctor’s advice.

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