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How to use some strength equipment in the gym

: 2019-01-04 10:15:16 | : 240

Dip/ Chin Assist MT-7027

Body Position

Choose a suitable weight to provide an appropriate resistance level. Kneel on the kneepad while gripping either chin up bars or dip bars, depending on exercise.

Exercise Movement

While gripping appropriate bars for desired exercise, raise and lower your body in a controlled movement. 


By using Dip/ Chin Assist MT-7027, it focuses on the triceps, strengthens back of the arm, as well as the deltoid muscles of the shoulders and upper chest. Movements are called immersion, as they literally rub the body into the machine's handles when bending the elbows by 90 degrees. This machine pulls the muscles of your body, including the back, biceps, and forearms. The dips act directly opposite the beard when applying the muscles of the chest, triceps, and shoulders. Together, exercises are powerful indicators of your general physical condition.

Features and benefit.

  • It features a hand rotation allowing users to determine the correct position of the exercise for their shoulders.
  • The traction bar offers standard and neutral handles for individual preference.
  • Steps allow easy entry and exit.
  • The two sets of pull-up give users of all heights an entire range of movement.


  • It has a bottle holder and a towel.
  • It has a shape of an ergo pillow.
  • It has an educational poster.
  • It has rotations and color settings.

The machine uses counterweights, which means that the greater the weight that configures the machine, the exercise will be easier. Set the weight to 20 pounds less than your weight, do three to five reps, then adjust the weight accordingly. For example, if you weigh 130 pounds, place the machine at 110 pounds. 


The G-609 abdominal crunch

Body Position

Choose the suitable strength; if you are not sure please consult your coach. The cushion should be well positioned. Outwards sitting on the cushion, your feet stamp on the footboard.

Exercise Movement

Controlled movement, your feet stamp on the footboard and backwards moving your body then restore to the original state slowly. If you ache somewhere when you stop doing exercises, please consult with your coach.



The G-609 abdominal crunch is for abdominal flexion with leg platform for different heights for trainers.

Recommend the application

  • It specializes on exercising the muscles of the rectum.
  • It prevents and improves problems with the joints of the spine.
  • It enhances the Abdominis of the rectum.

The recommendation of this machine is for

  • It specializes in the muscles of the abdominal.
  • It inhibits and treats joint problems in the lumbosacral region.
  • It enhances body position improvement.


The performance of this exercise is in a seated position, with the back and legs firmly supported against the supporting pads. This is to bend the trunk forward so that the shoulders are closer to the knees. This weight allows you to adjust the workload for each type of user.

Innovation and versatility

Thanks to its innovative features and numerous configurations, a light yellow and easily recognizable, Selection Crunch machine for abdominal muscles is suitable for a wide range of applications, specific protocols for high-level sports training.

The ergonomic design keeps the user of Selection of the abdominal MED in the correct position during movement, ensuring optimal holding, balance, and safety. It is ideal for postoperative recovery or injury, for the prevention of joint problems, even in the older age, and for intense muscle building of athletes.


It has a length of 1280 mm, a width of 1050 mm and a specific size of 1485 mm.


The Camber Curl Machine MT-7023

Body Position

Choose a suitable strength; if you are not sure please consult your coach. The cushion should be well positioned and with pair of hands grasp the grip.

Exercise Movement

Controlled movement, with pair of hands grasp the grip, downwards your bending elbows and restore to the original state slowly. If you ache somewhere when you stop doing exercises, please consult with your coach.

This is best commercial equipment in China's Camber Curl Machine. As we all know, quality is the best advantage for a gym and Camber Curl machine MT-702345 provides it with this first-class training equipment.

Product Features

  • Provides resistance and remains consistent from beginning to end, following the curve of the muscle force in the formation, making the movement extremely real and fluid.
  • It has an ergonomic seat and two-part seatbacks, an anatomical shape that supports the spine and helps you to take the right position during exercise. A wide and comfortable shape is adapted to large users.
  • Easy-to-read training boards provide a fast connection to specific muscle groups and proper use of the device. Posters also provide color references to identify easily the categories of muscle groups.
  • The ergonomic seat eliminates the need for adjusting the height of the seat and the starting position, and the weight settings are easily accessible from the sitting position.
  • The folding arc of the movement provides a feeling similar to free weight training. Independent moving movements result in a more balanced improvement in power. The user simply sets the starting position for maximum comfort when in position.
  • The backrest encourages the extension of the lower back muscles while reducing the extension of the hip. The footrest provides extra support and stabilization during exercise without the need for adjustment.
  • Adjustable seat and chest pad enable users to fit perfectly. Slightly tilt the rear position for greater comfort and stability.
  • The guide rods are precision centers, less polished, corrosion-resistant coating for smooth operation, and slowing of rust. The weight is raised to facilitate the selection of the user's seat needles.
  • Large linear and re-circulated ball bearings are processed on shafts that are hardened and closed. Turning points include ball bearing seals, or sliding bearings, using bronze oil-filled bushings or pre-lubricated nylon cups.

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