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How to use MT Strength Equipment series

: 2019-01-11 14:48:49 | : 242

 Latino machine MT-6021

Body Position

Select an appropriate weight, if unsure consult a trainer. Adjust kneepad height and lock knees under pad while seated. Grip selected bar in appropriate position with arms extended.

Exercise Movement

Pull the selected bar down to upper chest then return to starting position in a controlled movement.


Brief description

The Lat MT-6021 machine is worth it because if you want to make a pull-up, its use is a great way to get started. The machine strengthens the back muscles and starts to activate the entire back chain. It has a specification of 950 * 1600 * 1550 mm, weight 132 kg, 50x100 3.0 square raw material and incredibly versatile. The Lat Machine MT-6021 is one of the favorites in clubs and gym. Extraordinary skills distinguish this machine.

For starters, you get a high rack directly above your head for optimum back and shoulder insulation. An extremely long pullout bar allows you to select a wide, medium, or narrow handle position for maximum development. The unchanged cable construction allows you to switch immediately and directly to the Long Pull / Seated Row exercise to increase the size further, strength, and durability of the back muscles.

Adjustable support pads stabilize you to lift them beyond your body weight. Its unique style, compact design, excellent performance, and versatility make this Lat-MT-6021 machine an essential item in any gym, club, or facility.

Recommended uses

Ø Increase the strength of your shoulders.

Ø Shape Curve allows the deltoid to participate more in the sport

Ø Increase the muscle dimension

Ø Exercise and strengthen the muscles of your arm and strength.

Ø Work on latissimus dorsi, the largest muscle of the back, on the size of the blades


Ø It comes standard with high quality chromed sidebars and rows, and is designed with a rotating design

Ø Newly improved belt buckles, aircraft quality cables

Ø The available exercises are Lat Pull, Triceps Extension, Low Row and more

Ø Weight is not included


Ø It uses standard and Olympic boards with included chrome Olympic adapters

The G-601 Shoulder Press

Body Position

Choose the right weight, if you are not sure about it please consults a coach.

Exercise Movement


Sit down the cushion, hold the handles, and press the EVA foam on knee joint. During the controlling exercise, hold the handle, step on foot-treadle, the arms do the flexion and extension. If you feel pain when you stop suddenly, please consult coach.

The G-601 Shoulder Press invites people to train more effectively to define their desired shoulders. There are no fears of intruders in this machine. There is activation of the abdominal muscles when the user decides to remain standing.

Product features

1. The elliptical path is naturally capable of exercising all the muscles of the head trainer.

2. The motion is similar to the "bar.”

3. It functions with two machine arms working independently to increase shoulder coordination.

4. A moving plane located slightly in front of the shoulder to reduce impingement of the shoulders.

5. Neutral Grip can facilitate varieties of style.

6. Varieties of handle sizes are available for varieties of users.

Recommend the application

1. It targets the shoulder muscles.

2. It enhances the stability of the shoulder joint.

3. It corrects the muscular imbalance of your arms and torso.

Shoulder press G-601 helps in training your deltoids and triceps.


Variety of training

Two independent arms that provide better coordination and the plane of movement is slightly ahead of the shoulder to reduce the impact of the shoulder.

Maximum comfort and safety

Dual handles provide an alternative exercise position to ensure optimum protection of the shoulder joints.

It has a height of 1720 mm, a width of 1500 mm, length of 1750 mm, and a weight of 270 kg.


The MT-7003 Chest Press Machine


Body Position:

Ø Choose the suitable strength, if you are not sure; please consult with your coach

Ø The cushion should be well positioned

Ø Outwards sitting on the cushion

Exercise Movement


Controlled movement, with the pair of hands, grasps the grip, onwards extend your arms, and restore to the original state slowly. If you ache somewhere when you stop doing exercises, please consult with your coach.

Brief Description

The chest press MT-7003 mainly drives the muscles of the thorax, pectoralis major and pectoralis minor, commonly called Pecs. The machine facilitates proper handling. The machine also strengthens the muscles of your chest. The MT-7003 chest-press machine can also be used with one hand, allowing you to increase the power to the next level.

When using the MT-7003 chest press, you will not have to increase or reduce the weight with weight plates; all you need is to move the needle from one weight to another and continue with the exercise.


The chest press MT-7003 is a viable solution for shoulder injury trainers, thanks to its multi-angle handles.

Athletes that suits the MT- 7003 Chest Press Machine

If your fitness goals are to form a muscular arm, muscular body, or to add pressure to your chest on your exercise routines, such as sports such as golf, tennis, softball, swimming and martial arts.



The chest press MT-7003 machine is an extremely useful machine for everyone. The movement of the chest press is similar to that of the elbow balance exercise, which makes it a functional exercise. When developing the large muscle of the pectoris, Pecs, the chest pressure also triggers the shoulders and triceps.

Triceps Press MT-7014A machine

Body Position

Choose the suitable strength; if you are not sure please consult your coach. The cushion should be well positioned and with pair of hands grasp the grip.

Exercise Movement


Controlled movement, with pair of hands grasp the grip, your feet stamp on the footboard then spread your legs slowly. If you ache somewhere when you stop doing exercises, please consult with your coach.

The professional training machine allows you to define different muscle stimuli. With this device, you can work mainly on the construction of muscle mass or the shape of the upper part of your arm to obtain an attractive and tense shape. The triceps machine reliably helps to obtain strong, firm, and defined arms. This machine is a weight training equipment that focuses on the triceps as the main body and the calves, buttocks, cords and other muscles in which you work. The backrest of the seat is tilted forward: the angle of the backrest ensures the correct and stable position of the machine throughout the movement.

It has a wide and narrow rotation. The Triceps Press MT-7014A handles are easy to convert into narrow-to-narrow slots for all users. Athletes, both men, and women can access this machine. It also has durable linear bearings. Linear bearings on an industrial scale allow a smooth movement of the movement and guarantee a lasting and solid operation of your investment.


Ø Effective training for triceps

Ø Ideal for exercising the back muscles

Ø Important for the stability of the shoulder joint

Ø Maximum weight of training of 200 kg

Ø Size: 1020 * 1440 * 1500 mm

Ø Width of 49 inches or 125 cm

Ø Height 59 inches or 150 cm

Ø Length 49 inches or 119 cm

Ø Equipment weight of 563 lb or 255 kg

The high performance of triceps helps in effective triceps training

Triceps is a big difference in the range of the upper arm. Effective triceps training is, therefore, necessary if you want a thick or strong hand.


Triceps Press MT-7014A machine is a three-handed arm machine that is responsible for spreading the elbow joint by stretching your arm and moving your arm back and forth, as when we get up from a chair with an armrest. Triceps Press MT-7014A Machine looks like a submersible movement in which the shoulders are lowered. The shoulders are lowered during exercise, and the neck relaxes.

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