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: 2019-01-18 11:19:34 | : 428

 The Glute Isolator Mt 7025


Running on the treadmill belt will not do much for your back exercise as the glute isolator will do and serve you well.

The Glute Isolator Mt 7025 is a commercially designed machine to work out the gluteal muscles of the lower body. There is an adjustable breast pillow to help you put yourself in the right position for kickback exercises. In addition, there is a large elbow pad and curved handles. The cushions are in very good condition. The unit runs at 100% and is ready for use.

The seat backrest is lifted forward: the seatback ensures the correct position and the machine supports it during the entire movement.

It has a wide and narrow rotation of handles. The handles easily rotate from wide to narrow to suit all users.

It has a long-life linear bearing:

The industrial-grade linear bearings enable unhindered operation of the moving arm and provide solid, long-lasting investment performance.

It is 47 inches long, 49 inches wide, 59 inches tall and weighs 563 pounds.


Area of effect: CALF

Body Position

Choosing the right weight, if you are not sure, please inquiry coach, choosing the right angle, standing on the footplate with your tiptoe, holding the handles.

Exercise Movement

Hold the handles; be on top of your toe for proper timing according to the coach instruction. If you have ache after a sudden stop, please inquiry coach.

The Mt 6018 Seated Leg Curl


The Mt 6018 Seated Leg Curl focuses on the knee muscles. This exercise consists of bending the lower leg against the back. While knee muscles remain the primarily developed muscle, your gluteus maximus contracts keep the hips from the floor. The Mt 6018 Seated Leg Curl puts you in a sitting position. Your feet begin to spread in front of you, and your calves rest on your feet. Bend your knees to push the pin down and back toward the glutes, move the pad as much as you can and then loosen your knees to complete the repetition.

The Muscles Worked

The Mt 6018 Seated Leg Curl works with muscle group that mostly acts on the legs. Which are the set of three muscles in the back of the thigh If you are making push-ups of your leg and feel that your butt is burning, it is likely that the last loopholes occurred in the back of the pelvis.When performed at an appropriate volume, the curls in the legs can effectively increase the size of the limb. They also help during the flexion of your leg gastrocnemius and soleus, which are the two main muscles of your calves.

Body Position

Choose the right weight, if you are not sure about it; please consult your fitness coach. Adjust the angle of the legged-foam properly, press the EVA foam on the ankle, and hold the handle.

Exercise Movement

During the controlling exercise, hold the handle, do the flexion, and extension, then restore slowly. If you feel pain when you stop suddenly, please consult the coach, and hold the handle. 

Do warm up and stretch the lower part of the body before using this machine. Do strenuous walking, exercise, bike time or 5 minutes of a phone call. Push the leg and the back muscles after each exercise to reduce the risk of tension.

Ass Participation

Your gluteus maxima are recruited when bending your feet on the ball for exercise. Lie on your back on the floor, and the bottom of the foot stands on the ball for exercise. Lift the hips from the ground and hold this position while bending your knees to turn the ball towards the back. Expand your legs to restore the ball to complete the repetition. While the backbone is the main muscle that has been developed, the maximal butt is folded so that the hips do not touch the ground. However, the butt acts as a stabilizer, and it is isometrically contoured. Therefore, the loops of the ball of the exercise ball still do not provide enough stimulation to overload and increase the size of your buttocks. 

The Mt 6028 Cable Cross Machine


Mt 6028 Cable Cross Machine shows independence and quieter for effective training of your body. The exercise is for the sternal heads of the larger chest muscles, which are the muscles in the lower part of the chest. These muscles, which are in the lower patch, contribute to the movements of the shoulders on both sides of the body. Placing the pulleys in the highest position will focus on the lowest Pecs, while the lowest position will work with the highest Pecs.

Body Position

Choose the suitable strength; if you are not sure please consult your fitness coach. Make sure the cushion’s position is firm. With pair of hands, grasp the grip.

Exercise Movement

Controlled movements, with pair of hands, grasp the grip, inwards, extend your arms, and restore to the original state slowly. If you ache somewhere when you stop doing exercises, please consult with your coach. 

We can also refer to the Mt 6028 Cable Cross Machine as a cable standing flyes, making it one of the fastest ways to strengthen the main thoracic muscles. Cable crossovers have a variety of variations, such as standing or spaced. Bending forward strengthens the challenge of every repetition. It has an adjustable mass for a separate drive on one side. It is very durable to make you comfortable. The body is shaped, as you like. It has several grip bars dominates. Easy adhesion of the bars stabilizes athletes during exercise that causes balance. It also has a 998 kg (2200 lb).

Apart from objective, cable transitions are not possible properly without the involvement of a range of synergistic muscles. This term describes the muscles that "give a hand" during the performance of each repetition. These muscles include the clavicular head of the main thoracic muscles, located directly on the chest bone, small chest, romboids, blades, front deltoids, and latissimus dorsi.

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