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how to use ganas gym equipment series

: 2019-01-28 13:21:23 | : 602

 Outer or Inner Thigh Adductor Mt 7005 Machine


From the upper part of the inner part of the thigh, the muscles are pectinous, long adductors, adductors larger and gracilis.

Toning the thighs means working on your thighs, hips, and buttocks muscles. The Mt 7005 Adductor Machine specifically targets the inner and outer muscles of the thighs. The outer part of the thigh is where the abductor muscles of the hip meet; which helps move the leg and hips of your body. On the contrary, the hip muscles help move your feet inward towards your body.

Most men do not like participating in this exercise because they think it is up to women to train their hips. Machines in the Adductor Mt 7005 can insulate the knee-free adductors and hips. Inner and outer thighs also give stability to the feet. Men should train their Adductor to help them strengthen their squat position. Women find that the abduction machine helps to cut the buttocks.

In sports, strong indoor and outdoor hips will improve stability and improve performance in football, tennis, racquetball, skiing, and snowboarding.

Adopters are inside the thighs, and abductors outside the thighs.

Body Position

Select a moderate weight, if unsure, and consult a trainer. Adjust the arm angle, sit straightly, back against the back pad.

Exercise Movement

Hands handhold the handgrips, legs united, the arm angle adjusted to the outside of the legs, outspread forth. Practice several times under the instruction of coach, shop immediately if you feel pain consult a trainer.

Think about it, abductors involve removing and opening the thighs. The maxima of the buttocks, between and minimus, as well as the tensor of the fasci lata, are the abductors. The TFL extends from the hip to the ankle leg and adheres to the knees. These muscles contribute to the abduction and hip extension as well as internal and external rotation of the leg.

The Adductor Mt 7005 helps with joining the hips. The inner muscles of the thighs begin in the pubis and connect with different internal femoral locations. From the upper part of the inner part of the thigh, muscles are pectineus, longus adductor, greatest adductor, and gracilis. The Compass Adapter helps lift the body from the squat position by rotating the leg inwards and outwards and stabilizing the hips.

Women tend to turn to those machines because they love the tone that gives them inside the thighs, and the muscle is added out of the thighs and buttocks.

When working on these machines, it is important to focus on recruitment and discharge. Be careful not to do these exercises too fast. Control is the key to effectively conditioning these muscles.

Mt 7020 seated horizontal pulley


Horizontal belt 7020 is scientifically designed and has a reasonable structure, it is a simple and nice attractive look for the unit, while quality rectangular tubes used for the frame are welded and assembled for added safety and durability. The movement path that respects the principle of ergonomics and quality scientifically distributed steel cables provides a high degree of comfort and safety.

Body Position

Choose the right weight, if you are not sure about it; please consult your fitness coach. Sit down the cushion, hold the handles, and step on foot-treadle.

Exercise Movement

During the controlling exercise, hold the handle, step on foot-treadle, the arms do the flexion and extension. If you feel pain when you stop suddenly, please consult coach.

Brief description

The cover of this machine perfectly protects users of disks for weight and additionally improves the safety of use. High-quality bearings used for piston rods offer more smooth movements. It has a reasonable designer handles with a high level of comfort that eases user efforts and the driest movements. The seat of this machine is comfortable and it is possible to adjust the height of the seat using the adjusting lever on the front of the seat to make possible sitting upright with your back on the back pillow.

It has a unit size is 980 × 1815 × 2005 mm and unit weight is 204 kg.

Hold the handles with both hands and push them forward until both hands are tightened.

Take a break and slowly return to the starting position. Repeat the movement.


The 45-Degree Mt6030 Linear Leg Press Machine


The 45-degree Mt6030 leg press machine is a safe and effective way to train the main muscle groups of the leg. Foot pressure is a good alternative for people who cannot or do not feel comfortable when squatting in the back.

This machine is more humanized, in that you can adjust it yourself for maximum comfort to train better and the seat is large enough to accommodate more users. It is very durable to make it feel comfortable and the price is budget friendly. Therefore, train your back at your comfort and the way you like it to become. One of the benefits of The Mt 6030 45-Degree Linear Leg Press Machine is that it allows you to use more weight than free squat. It is also to add variety to your routine exercise.

Body Position

Adjust the backrest to a suitable angle. Then once seated, place your feet in a comfortable position on the footplate. Grip handles beside seat for stability.

Exercise Movement

Press against footplate and rotate handles inwards to release the safety catch. Raise and lower the footplate in a Controlled movement. Rotate handles outwards to lock footplate when exercise is complete.


It has a size of 2400 * 1600 * 1528mm. It has a weight of 220 kg; it is available in red, durable and has a 2-layer coating. It has a size XL cushion that can easily support your body for a long lifetime and easily adjust height and angle. It has smooth and stable movements for precise engine quality. It has cables and circuits.

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