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Some of ganas Fitness equipment guide

: 2019-02-14 11:28:29 | : 188

 There are a lot of product introductions in front. Today, let me continue to introduce you to some instructions on the use of ganas Strength Equipment。so that you can better understand our product advantages.

MT-7005 Outer Thigh Adductor Machine 


When you enter a gym, you will find weight machines of all shapes and sizes that can work almost all muscle groups of your body, including hip adductor machines. This machine requires you to ride the levers of your legs to work your target muscles, leaving you in a vulnerable position.

Therefore, the MT-7005 external adduction machine targets the muscle of the thigh that pulls your body part towards the midline. For example, the adductor muscles of the legs push the legs towards the midline of the body so that the legs are closer to each other. The machines work these muscles in an isolated way to enhance stability to your legs.





Body Position

Select a moderate weight and if you are unsure please consult a trainer. Adjust the arm angle, sit straightly, and place your back against the back pad.





Exercise Movement

Place your hands on the handgrips, your legs must unite, the arm angle adjusted to the outside of the legs, outspread forth. Practice several times under the instruction of your coach, stop immediately if you feel pain and consult your trainer.


Use of this machine

The MT-7005 external adductor machine is used primarily to stabilize muscles when you are not in motion, when you are walking, running, and simply moving all through the day. The machine requires you to sit down, eliminating the rest of the working muscles such as the gluteus maximus, the hamstrings, and the patios.





The only thing that the hip hitching machine works effectively is to strengthen the target muscle; however, since these muscles act as stabilizers, they should not be extremely strong but designed to support larger, stronger quadruplets, vines, and buttocks. Isolating muscles with heavy weights and a limited range of movements that the machine offers can cause muscle imbalance and possible joint problems in the future. If you prefer the isolation exercises, you certainly work for each muscle group the same way to avoid potential problems.





The G-608 low back machine






The G-608 low back machine is aimed specifically at the middle and lower back muscles. Its use is safe and effective by the comfortable and ergonomic seat setting. It extends the lower back as it maneuvers the spine and assists in stabilizing back muscles. Strengthening of the back muscles is important.

Body Position

Choose the suitable strength; if you are not sure please consult your coach. The cushion should be well positioned and with the pair of hands grasp the grip.

Exercise Movement


Controlled movement, with a pair of hands, grasp the grip, bend your elbows and restore to the original state slowly If you ache somewhere when you stop doing exercises, please consult with your coach.




This feature permits the ensuring of variable resistance by adapting to the specific force of the muscle group to be triggered, because of this, you will experience constant resistance during training.






The position of the exercise can be adjusted in the sitting position; the range of movement of the lever arm allows the setting of the starting angle from the sitting position.






The ergonomic seat has a nicely fitted backrest designed to support the spine and help users in the right position during exercise. Different coating thicknesses were used to fit the shape of the body, providing solid or solid support where appropriate.


This is an optional feature built into the top of the weight stack and allows you to select an additional increment plate, which is half the weight of the remainder of the beam. This allows you to increase gradually the load.


Support for double legs provides stabilization and support during exercise without the need for adjustment.


Thanks to the innovative features and configurations that are clearly visible by the color codes, as a beginner, you can recognize easily and immediately configuring it to your personal settings that suit you.


The MT 6025 Standing calf machine








The calf raise is a workout that can run on many devices. The most important factor is that this workout considers the angle of the knee. When using this machine, foot positioning is very crucial and it should be straightforward.

The MT 6025 Standing Calf Machine has the ability in Training Your Calf Effectively.

This machine is independent and silent. You can adjust the weights of the beam for a separate run on one side. It is very durable to make it feel more comfortable and more economical. It enables you to train the calf as you like.





What is the effect of Standing calf machine develops are:

§ Gastrocnemius, this is the largest back muscle of the calf.

§ Soleus, which is the back muscle of a smaller calf

§ The front tibialis, which is the largest front muscle of the calf.

§ Normal Movement, which goes to the ankle when stretched

Body Position

Make sure you choose the right weight and if you are not sure about it, please consult your coach. Place your hands to hold the handles, press the EVA foam on shoulder, place your feet on the foot-treadle.





Exercise Movement

During the exercise, hold the handles, place your feet on the foot-treadle, stand on tiptoe then restore slowly, if you feel pain when you stop suddenly, please consult your coach. 

The lethal advantage of this is the amount of stress it has on the gastrocnemius muscle, which is the muscle behind the calf and gives it a heart shape. The main concern with the heavy overload of this area is to keep your knees straight without spreading stress on Soleus's muscles. By training gastrocnemius, you will give calves the thickness inside and in the width.





Recovery is the most important practice for calf training in general. Too much weight and half-squat-using knees in the hope of overloading calves with high weight will not take you quickly.

Product Features

§ Coach for the legs

§ Specification: 950 * 1600 * 1550mm

§ It has Weight of 132 kg.

§ Raw materials of a square tube of 50x100 3.0


What does this machine do? 


§ Increase the strength of your shoulders

§ The shape of the curve allows the muscles of the leg to be better involved in sports

§ It Increases the leg muscle size


§ Exercises and strengthens your leg muscles

G-610 Multifunctional Machine




The G-610 multi-hip machine has a special target of muscles of the hook and pelvis. The use of the G-610 multi-functional machine helps trainees to improve joints of the hips and pelvis and prevents muscle problems. It trains the muscles of the extensor and hip flexor, as well as the adductor and abductor leg muscles, which lie securely and effectively on one leg. In this sense, the length of the adjustable drive arm, as well as the height-adjustable support, always guarantees optimal biomechanics. With an individually adjustable starting position and four handles, this ensures comfortable and safe exercise.

It has a Flexi hook strengthens the muscles that stretch to the forequarters of the thighs, which bend their hips and move their legs forward away from the body. It has handles that enhance the stabilization of the upper body and creates balance.

Body Position

Choose the right weight, if you are not sure about it; please consult an expert or a coach. So place your hands holding the handle, put the cushion against the chest, and your foot on the foot-treadle.





Exercise Movement

When controlling exercise, hold the handle, lace feet on the foot treadle, swinging kick then restore slowly, if you feel pain when you stop suddenly, please consult your coach. 



Strengthen the muscles and stretches along the back of the thighs and hips, moving their legs back and forth from the body.

Therefore, the G-610 Multi profiler helps train these sets of muscles:

§ Glutens

§ Abductors

§ Adductors

§ Strengthen and tone gluteus, adductor, abductor, and leg muscles.

§ Improves the prevention and treatment of problems in the hips and pelvis joints



It is a multi-purpose rehabilitation machine for hips, it is a versatile machine designed to help the user perform various types of exercises. It is suitable for most users, regardless of size, weight, or training needs. Settings help the user to take the correct position and colors are visible.


It has new protection systems and explanatory labels located in different locations in the multi-hinge rehabilitation machine designed to prevent accidents of your fingers.


Multi Hip Selection machine is ideal for postoperative recovery or after injury in order to prevent joint problems and intense muscle building in athletes.

is a top fitness equipment brand in China with high quality & best service!

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