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KY-900 resistance magnetic control treadmill installation instructions

: 2019-11-13 17:22:49 | : 1225


1. Remove the package, remove the left and right columns, instruments, accessories


Separate the bag from other items on the treadmill and remove the packaging material.


2. Raise the rear handle to the front wheel and place the treadmill on the flat surface to be placed (for two or more operations)


3. Connect the left column data cable to the body data cable, and then secure the left column with the screw M10×60 and spring washer 10. Be careful not to tighten too much and need to adjust.


4 Pass the operating cable through the right column to the top of the hole, then use the screw M10×60, spring washer 10 to the fixed right column, taking care not to tighten too much, need to be adjusted.


Use the hexagon socket head cap screws M8×20 and the locknut M8 to connect the central armrests on both sides.


6. Fix the operation cable to the limit plate and fix the cable nut with a wrench.


Reinstall the plate back to the column with screw M6×12


Fixed adjustment handle with screw M4×12, M4×6


7. Fix the display panel with screws M5×12 and flat washers 5.


Use the screw M8×30 and the locknut M8 on the display on the treadmill, and connect the display signal wires.


Secure the armrests on both sides with M8 x 10 hex set screws.


9. Fix the screws everywhere. Check that the requirements are met and the installation is complete.

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