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: 2019-11-13 17:35:15 | : 787


In the era of comprehensive fitness, more and more people pay attention to fitness, so how much the fitness equipment knows. In fact, the different parts of the body equipment used in the body will have different effects, the following small series for everyone to science.


1. High pull trainer


After sitting firmly, the toes of the feet are forward, and the crossbars are held by both hands. The grip of each hand is wider than the shoulder by one palm, and the body is slightly inclined backward. The main action is to pull the crossbar down and pull it to the chin. Pulling down is faster, and slows down when playing back. When you pull down the crossbar, you can clearly feel the tightness of the back.


2. Barbell


When standing, the toes are forward, and the distance between the feet is slightly wider than the shoulders. The knees are bent and chest-high, and the grip of the two-handed barbell is the same as the shoulder width. Lower limbs should tighten the buttocks to maintain stability. Use the contraction force of the back to pull the barbell toward the middle of your abdomen, pause for a few seconds and then slowly lower it.


The main effect of the barbell exercise is also to make the back firm. The barbell weight that a person can lift for 15 consecutive times should be the standard weight of the exercise. For women, it should be as light as possible.


3Leg Curl


Keep your toes forward and your knees forward. Do not leave your knees too open, and the distance between your feet should be less than the shoulder width. Keep your chest up and your eyes looking straight ahead. With both hands, pull the handle horizontally back and pull it to the elbow joint, that is, when the upper and lower arms are at an angle of 90 degrees, then pause and slowly extend forward. It is important to note that you must stand up and not bend over, otherwise it will be difficult to achieve exercise.

4 dumbbell


Dumbbells is similar with barbells  For example, holding a bell shrug, stand with your feet apart, slightly wider than the shoulders, grasp the dumbbells with both hands, and face back. Lift your shoulders and lift them up; then lean over and row down, with your legs upright or bent. This action mainly exercises the latissimus dorsi, and other muscles can also receive auxiliary exercises.

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