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What details should be pay attention when buying an elliptical bike?

: 2019-11-13 17:38:15 | : 434


Among a wide variety of fitness equipment,

Exercise with an elliptical machine is an aerobic exercise that does not hurt the knee.More and more people favor this one. , it is necessary to tell everyone to pay attention to the purchase of elliptical machines.


The biggest feature of the elliptical machine is that when we use it to exercise, it does not cause damage to the knee joints of the body like a treadmill.

Because there is no point like the treadmill in the movement of the elliptical machine, there is no impact force generated during running, so it will not cause harm to the body.

Not going to run like a treadmill will cause pressure on the knee ankle due to body gravity, and the elliptical machine can better call other muscles of our body to participate in exercise, fully exercise our body's waist, buttocks, thighs, side waist and The abdomen achieves the effect of body sculpting.



Elliptical machines have so many advantages, what should we pay attention to when choosing? After all, there are so many fitness equipment brands and fitness equipment manufacturers.


In fact, buying an elliptical machine is similar to buying other fitness equipment. The following should be noted:


1. First of all, it is the reliability of the fitness equipment brand; the products made by the good fitness equipment brand will certainly be more secure. Therefore, before the online shopping, you can first search the brand knowledge of the related elliptical machine through the webpage, such as what the fitness equipment brand ranks. Find a few more reliable fitness equipment brands, and then proceed to the next step;

2 the flywheel, the elliptical machine is mainly the test flywheel to drive the rotation, so the flywheel is very important. There are two types of flywheels that are commonly found on the market. One is a front flywheel and the other is a rear flywheel. The two are chosen according to their own preferences, but more people use them in front. In addition to this, the weight of the flywheel is more important, it determines the smoothness of the movement. The light flywheel will feel floating and unsafe during the movement. It is recommended to buy at least 5 kg.

3, resistance control mode, magnetic control resistance adjustment; nowadays most of the market is magnetic control adjustment resistance, is to adjust the resistance by adjusting the distance between the flywheel and the magnets on both sides, which can reduce friction with the flywheel, reduce noise, and can Extend the service life of the machine, and purchase such products is more suitable for household use;

4, stationarity, safety, whether the operation of the elliptical machine is stable, in addition to the weight of the flywheel, and whether the link part of the elliptical machine is flexible and reliable, the good elliptical machine will be connected with high quality bearings in these parts, and In the design, it will consider the aesthetics and other factors, and it is more humanized. However, some fitness equipment manufacturers use bearings of lower grades and even do not apply bearings in order to save costs. This is not only the stability of the movement, but also the safety of the movement. And the length of life.

5, after the sale, the purchase of such fitness equipment products, can not only look at the appearance, but also depends on the after-sales, after all, a fitness equipment can not be used only once, the maintenance problems and other issues that need to be found after the sale, the choice will be certain To choose a fitness equipment brand has a certain guarantee, at least the quality of the machine. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble later.

Here are some of the characteristics of the elliptical machine and the problems that should be paid attention to when buying the elliptical machine. I hope to help everyone! The partners who are interested in purchasing can also experience it in our Kangyi fitness equipment factory. We will have professional sales staff for you. Recommend the elliptical machine that best suits you and introduce you to the performance of the elliptical machine!

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