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What is the troubles after purchase the fitness equipment in low price.

: 2019-11-13 17:40:33 | : 427


Everyone wants to buy fitness equipment with high quality and low price.Since there are too many objects to choose, many things are neglected. Even the short procurement period leads to the loss of judgment ability. In order to select low-priced equipment, quality problems are neglected. Today, Kangyi fitness equipment manufacturers Xiaobian will help you to summarize the problems that low-cost equipment will appear, I hope that everyone in the purchase should not buy the wrong because of the price temptation, it will not be worth the loss.


First, the appearance: low-cost fitness equipment looks rough, the product configuration is also uncooperative. Each of Kangyi's masters pays attention to the angles and gaps of each accessory. Each instrument has been rigorously tested and operated, and the smallest details are never perfunctory.


Second, the material process: low-cost equipment in order to omit the cost of investment, and even the case of manual processing, there are second-hand recycling and repeated sales. The process is not good, what security is there? Kangyi's equipment is built with conscience and adheres to the principle of quality.


Third, after-sales: cheap equipment is often not sold, you may not find sellers when you sell. Kangyi is a 15-year-old fitness equipment manufacturer with lifetime maintenance.




In summary, the problems of low-cost devices are so many headaches, except for the cheap, nothing. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not pursue low prices when purchasing fitness equipment. More is to choose reliable products and manufacturers. Although the price of Kangyi is slightly higher than that of the peers, it is the difference in quality. Conscience quotes, welcome to consult!

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