Does fitness strength training hinder growth?



Some people think that fitness training will hinder growth. This is a complete joke. As long as the resistance is not high enough to make the bones denser, thus closing the bones (the growth area of the long bones), there will be no harmful effects. The strength training program does not It affects linear growth and there is no sign of cardiovascular health in long-term exercise.




During running and jumping, the pressure on the legs and spine is much greater than the exercise such as lifting. The compression force during running and jumping may exceed 5 times his weight. If a person's weight does not exceed 700 pounds, then there will be more pressure in normal daily exercise.


Ideal training weight


Before you are around 18, don't lift any weight you can't control. Once you are 18, you can start a week of strength training, not less than 5 times a week, because the number is too small, which is not what fitness needs.


When it comes to children's fitness, we are not concerned about the risk of stunting (which is not the case with proper training), but the risk of tendon, ligament or joint injury that may not be accustomed to strength training. This is why it is important to choose the right weight and the right way to exercise. It cannot be overemphasized.






If you look closely, you will find that strength training does not hinder growth. Some began to lift weights when they were teenagers. Later, they were more than 6 feet tall and became professional sports stars. Some started lifting weights when they were younger. Similarly, he was 6 feet 1 inch or higher. Now many high school schools are starting to let the new students practice weightlifting.


As long as you always emphasize the form of exercise, proper weight selection and safety, you will find that fitness training does not hinder your growth; instead, you will find that you grow better and faster than your peers around you.

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