Ganas helps you create a personalized apartment gym

Ganas helps you create a personalized apartment gym

With the acceleration of the pace of modern life, young people begin to pay attention to health, fitness is favored by more and more people.Aerobic exercise can exercise the heart and lungs, enhance circulatory system function, burn fat, increase lung capacity, lower blood pressure, and even prevent diabetes and reduce the occurrence of heart disease.Moderate exercise intensity can lose weight.Lifting weights, doing gymnastics, and other repetitive stretching and bending exercises build muscle.Exercise burns calories, increases bone density, reduces injuries, especially joint injuries, and prevents osteoporosis.


This is a 70-square-meter apartment gym.With inner and outer thighs 2 in 1,leg curl &leg extension 2 in 1,Smith machine,two pcs elliptical machines, cable crossover, two pcs treadmills,pull down machine,ten pairs of dumbbell rack and bench press.You can build a high-end apartment gym for $10,000.In addition Ganas provides free design schemes and design drawings allowing you to save a design fee.

The apartment gym has brought great convenience to the residents, but also hope that the gym can be fully used, and everyone's physical fitness can be better and better.


4 elements of building an apartment gym

1. Facilities Fully equipped: Apartment gyms are often fully equipped with equipment such as treadmills, exercise bikes, dumbbells, etc., as well as necessary supporting facilities such as sound equipment, air conditioning system and relative ventilation airflow.


2. Convenient and easy to use: The general equipment of the apartment gym is new, and the facilities and services provided are dweller-centered, simple and easy to use, and provide a good experience.


3. Safety and health: The management of the apartment gym puts health and safety in the first place, ensuring that the equipment, the ground and the environment are clean and hygienic, and ensuring the safety of users during use.


4. Warm and friendly: The staff at the apartment gym are generally friendly and always available to help and support residents. There are also professional instructors to provide guidance and advice to help residents better exercise.



GANAS gym equipment supplier has been specializing in manufacturing full range of heavy duty GYM Equipment, strength equipment, multi-function gym equipment, cardio gym equipment and more.We have helped thousands of gym clubs equipped with the most suitable equipment.Ganas gym equipment provides reasonable space planning, personalized and practical solutions, good at creating a fitness atmosphere, considering the perfect cooperation of light, color, temperature, ventilation and equipment.

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