Women Gym Cases

Qatar-VIP Gym 2000SQM G-6 Series

In 2023, we launched a cooperation project with a high-end women's gym in Qatar and produced a batch of fitness equipment for the studio. This is a very important collaboration. GANAS fitness equipment gives full play to its advantages in the field of customized fitness equipment to provide our customers with the best fitness solutions and services.

First, The Qatari customer found GANAS on the GANAS's website and told us that she already has a 2,000-square-meter women’s gym. Now she need to add some more fitness equipment.



After understanding the customer's original intention, GANAS Fitness Equipment quickly arranged for our project manager to handle the women's gym project. In order to better serve the customer and select the most suitable fitness equipment for the customer, we had an hour-long meeting with the customer. video conference, as well as pictures of the client’s original gym. The client said that this is a gym that focuses on women’s fitness. It provides private fitness training courses for women. It mixes a variety of training elements and is designed specifically for women with different fitness goals. courses, thus greatly helping her clients achieve their ideal fitness and weight loss safely and effectively. The customer said that the reason for adding more fitness equipment now is because the existing fitness equipment can no longer meet the needs of her customers. After knowing the needs of the customers, the GANAS fitness equipment team began to formulate a plan for the customers.

After we looked at the list of fitness equipment that the customer already had, due to the large number of customers in the VIP gym, we counted the number of people who come to the VIP gym to exercise every day. We found that the customer did not have enough basic fitness equipment such as treadmills, exercise bikes, and rowing machines. Regarding strength, there are also weight benches and some gym accessories suitable for women.


Women always think that regular weightlifting will build muscles. In fact, this statement is unscientific. Women who lift weights in moderation can actually "lose weight" and shape their curves. A large number of women believe that shaping their body shape can only be done by dieting or spending a few hours doing some aerobic exercise. In fact, the most important thing in building body curves is the lines of the body's muscle groups. This requires continuous strength training to stimulate each muscle group.


Boxing moves for women engage your arms, core, and legs, strengthening your entire body and improving your coordination. Boxing beauty Mission John once posed for the cover of "Playboy" and built a devilish figure. Her devilish figure attracted everyone's admiration for her appearance. Boxing exercise involves a large amount of activity and has obvious fat loss effects. It consumes about 700 calories per hour on average, which can be said to be the largest consumption among all fitness projects. Practicing boxing has a very good effect on losing weight and improving personal fitness and stamina; the pace of boxing is flexible and changeable, and girls who practice boxing tend to have thin calves, long lower limbs, and high hips; in addition, boxing attacks are mainly based on punching, shoulder The muscles and ligaments of the back can be moderately exercised, making the whole person more flexible.


Yoga ball is a new, interesting and special physical fitness exercise. Nowadays, fitness ball exercise is especially favored by urban women for its fun, soothing, safe and obvious effects. It improves people's flexibility, strength, balance, posture, and cardiopulmonary function. Long-term use can effectively improve your body posture and create perfect curves.


In addition, the gym’s shower rooms, lockers, resting and working spaces will also allow customers to enhance their fitness experience.

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