How to choose between treadmill, bicycle and elliptical machine?

Treadmills, bicycles and elliptical machines are the three most common types of cardio equipment. Treadmills are passive exercise equipment, while bicycles and elliptical machines are active exercise equipment. Many people are confused about which of these three types of exercise equipment is better. Suitable for exercise?In fact, this still varies from person to person, depending on their own exercise purposes and circumstances. They each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let's compare them in detail below.



The treadmill is the sports equipment with the highest intensity of exercise and the best fat-burning effect. It is the most classic, most effective and most extensive aerobic training equipment. It is suitable for full-body aerobic exercise to lose weight. The effect is generally the best, but it is not good for the knees. The requirements are also higher than the other two equipment.At present, the treadmill has a shock absorption system, the purpose is to better protect the user's knee joint.




There are three main categories of bicycles: spinning bikes, stationary bikes and recumbent bikes.


A.Spinning bikes

The main purpose of spinning bikes is to exercise the lower body. Most young people want to slim down their legs and shape their legs. The effect is especially obvious for girls. It can burn more fat during exercise, has good weight loss results, and makes no noise.It mainly depends on the quality of the flywheel and resistance adjustment to choose your own intensity. It can be large or small. When the resistance is the highest, it can be equivalent to twice the intensity of riding a bicycle up a hill.The overall movement is convenient and space-saving.When choosing a spinning bike, you should pay attention to the quality of the flywheel. The heavier, the better.Secondly, look at the resistance adjustment, and give priority to the electromagnetic control.


B.Exercise bikes

Exercise bikes are generally used more by girls. They are relatively less intense and have slightly wider seat cushions than spinning bikes.

The intensity of exercise is moderate. If you need to lose weight urgently, an exercise bike is not the first choice. You can only exercise normally, but it is also relatively kinder to the knees.


C.Recumbent bike

The recumbent exercise bike has an extra back cushion to protect the user's lumbar spine. Movement postures have also changed accordingly.It is generally more suitable for older people and is very safe for body joints. It can be used for rehabilitation training for users who do not exercise regularly or even have certain injuries.


3.Elliptical machine

The exercise intensity of the elliptical machine is slightly lower, and the effect of fat loss and energy consumption is not obvious, but the parts that are exercised are all over the body, and the mute effect is good.At present, electromagnetic controlled elliptical machines have basically become popular. For resistance adjustment, the more gears the better, which is convenient to use and very friendly to people with little exercise.However, the elliptical machine cannot be folded and generally takes up a certain amount of space.When choosing an elliptical machine, the most important thing to pay attention to is the quality of the flywheel. Generally, the larger the quality of the flywheel, the better. Almost everyone is suitable for an elliptical machine.


Different sports equipment will have the most suitable groups. We should choose according to personal physical condition and interests.Data shows that running or walking slowly on a treadmill consumes the most energy. Therefore, the treadmill is the best equipment for cardiopulmonary exercise and efficient fat loss.If you need high-intensity exercise and pursue efficient fitness results, then the treadmill is the best choice.If you are just doing daily fitness exercises and do not have high needs for fat loss and body shaping, then it is recommended to use an elliptical machine.If you want to shape your legs and buttocks lines, pursue entertainment and fitness effects, and simulate outdoor riding, then a bicycle is enough.

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