The difference between spinning bike and exercise bike

I believe that many friends who go to the gym to exercise will be familiar with exercise bikes and spinning bikes, because they are highly effective in losing weight and are highly praised by people who want to lose weight.In recent years, the appearance of spinning bicycles and exercise bikes have become more and more similar. When people buy them, they just look at the pictures without experiencing them in person, and they are a little confused. They want to buy them home but don't know which one is better.So what is the difference between an exercise bike and a spinning bike, and which one is more suitable for home use? Let me introduce it to you from several aspects.


In fact, the differences between exercise bikes and spinning bikes are mainly reflected in the aspects of appearance, stability, exercise intensity, function and suitable group of people.


1.Appearance & Stability

The exercise bike is fully wrapped by the outer shell, and the flywheel is usually invisible. It does not swing violently left or right during exercise, and it is a relatively fixed form.The stability of a spinning bike is slightly lower than that of a spinning bike, and the flywheel is usually external.However, now the appearance designs of the two are becoming more and more similar, but it is difficult to distinguish them from appearance.


2.Exercise intensity

In terms of fitness intensity, the exercise intensity of an exercise bike is significantly lower than that of a spinning bike.When used, a spinning bicycle will have greater inertia and a stronger sense of movement. It can be used to perform rhythmic exercise with music.



The spinning bicycle is the only exercise equipment that combines aerobic and strength. When the resistance of the flywheel is increased, standing up and pedaling is a strength exercise. When the resistance is reduced, sitting and pedaling is an aerobic exercise. When we want to increase muscle mass, we can The resistance is large, and when we want to lose weight, we can adjust the resistance to a lower level; while exercise bikes are only aerobic exercise equipment.


4.People suitble

Exercise bikes are more casual and suitable for women and people who don’t exercise often. It can also be said that they are suitable for all ages.Through long-term, moderate-intensity exercise of the body, it promotes cardiovascular exercise, speeds up metabolism, enhances heart and lung function, thereby improving the body's physical condition.

Spinning bicycles use music and some functions such as resistance and revolutions to simulate the movements of going up and downhill and walking in place, making it more fashionable and interesting.At the same time, it also has certain requirements for users. It is more suitable for young people. It is not recommended for people with knee injuries.

Compared with spinning bikes, if there are elderly exercising together, it would be more suitable to choose an exercise bike.Using an exercise bike to exercise can bring us the following benefits.

A.Calorie consumption

By adjusting different resistance, speed and time, exercise bikes can help us consume calories and burn calories during exercise, allowing us to have different fat-burning efficiencies.


B.Build muscle

During cycling, our calves, thighs, quadriceps, buttocks and other muscles will be exercised, which will help improve the muscle strength of our legs and improve overall endurance.


C.Protect joints

When riding an exercise bike, the motion trajectory of our knee joints is a circle drawn with the center of the joint. The movements of pedal riding help to maintain the vitality and health of the joints, and the burden and pressure on the joints will not be too great, thus It can also exercise joint flexibility, which is more friendly to people with poor knee joints.


D.Increase lung capacity

Cycling can increase our lung capacity, enhance heart contractility, improve blood circulation and metabolism, and is very helpful for cardiovascular health.

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