What muscles do climbing machines mainly exercise?

In the process of fitness, a person needs to use a variety of fitness equipment, but because fitness equipment is very diverse, it is important to choose the right cardio equipment.

The climbing machine is a very good piece of equipment in the gym.So, what muscles does the climbing machine mainly exercise?



The quadriceps muscle is located on the front side of the thigh and plays an important role during mountain climbing.The climbing machine is designed to simulate the movements of mountain climbing and stair climbing. Therefore, during the climbing machine exercise, each step of the pedaling movement needs to be driven by the quadriceps muscles.


2.Biceps femoris

The biceps femoris muscle is located on the back of the thigh and is used when bending the knee on the climber. Especially when using the stair climber, every step can stimulate the biceps femoris.


3.Calf muscles

During the use of a climber machine, the calf muscles will also be involved in the exercise and will be in a tight state.The continuous alternating forward and backward movements of the feet on the mountaineering machine can stimulate the calf muscles and thus exercise the calf muscles.


4.Waist and abdominal muscles

During the mountaineering exercise, the movements of the legs can pull the muscles of the waist and abdomen, so that the muscles of the waist and abdomen can also be exercised during the pedaling process.


5.Buttocks muscles

In the mountaineering machine exercise, the simulated mountaineering movements can drive the gluteus maximus muscles of the buttocks to participate and get exercise.


How long does it take to exercise on a climbing machine?

If you want to use a climbing machine to have a better exercise effect and improve cardiopulmonary function, you can adjust the resistance to 6-8 during exercise, persist for 20 minutes, and keep the heart rate at about 100-120/minute.


How many times a week should you exercise on a climbing machine?

The climbing machine is still effective in exercising the quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteus maximus on the front of the thigh, but to achieve the exercise effect, you need to be able to exercise at least 3 times a week.



How to use a climbing machine?

1.Hold the handle lightly with your hands, or use your fingers to touch the handle, as you just need a little help to keep your balance.The best situation is to let go of your hands and let them hang freely on both sides of the body. In this way, you not only strengthen your cardiopulmonary function, but also challenge your balance ability. If you find that you have to hold on to the handlebars to catch up, then The speed you selected is too fast, you can easily slow it down.

2.When standing, you can lean forward slightly, but don't arch your back, and don't let your body tilt to the left or right. Leaning left or right is likely to be a step that is too long. Relax your shoulders, pinch your back slightly, and tighten your abdominal muscles.


3.It is best to keep the same step length each time and not too short. If the step length is too short, your energy consumption will be reduced and the fitness effect will be unsatisfactory.


4.Try to put the entire sole of your foot on the pedal. If you tiptoe, the calf muscles will tire quickly, which will shorten your fitness time and fail to achieve your expected results.


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