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Ganas' new products are on the market, the technology is once again innovated, and the performance is completely upgraded, bringing a higher quality and excellent experience.

GANAS Climber Machine Stair Master For Commercial Gym KY-LF8900

A smooth stepping motion and 26 different speeds make the GANAS stair master ideal for exercisers who prefer slow climbs or those looking for one of the most challenging and intense cardio workouts at the gym. The large step space and anti toe-pinch design ensure secure footing during everything from high-intensity to moderate workouts. And a reliable AC motor ensures consistent motion during all of them. Fitness facilities have several console options, ranging from simple and intuitive to entertainment rich and engaging.

The stair machine provides targeted exercises for the hips, thighs, glutes and abs. You're working your lower body using fast repetitions with variable resistance to get your legs fully mobile. Climbing stairs focuses on areas of the body that women especially tend to accumulate body fat. In fact, when you use the stair machine, you'll be working every key muscle in your legs 120 times per minute. You're actually doing large senior reps. This is a very effective way to create lean, fat-free muscle.

Ganas Gym machines are the result of the excellent work of Italian design engineers, which became famous for their world-class ergonomics, special solutions, unique design and very wide range and became one of the most popular brands.

GANAS Recumbent Bike Commercial Cardio Equipment For Gym KY-LF8800

The premium KY Series Recumbent Lifecycle Exercise Bike is for exercisers who prefer a seated position and enhanced engagement. The easy step-through design makes it suitable for all exercisers. A variety of intuitive console choices provide entertainment, workout tracking and detailed product use information.

The recumbent exercise bike is a type of exercise bike. Different from the upright exercise bike, the recumbent exercise bike has a backrest and the pedals are in front. The exercise method is similar to the pedal rowing posture. Appropriate adjustment of exercise intensity can promote cardiovascular expansion. Speed up metabolism, enhance heart and lung function, thereby improving people's physical fitness.

GANAS Upright Bike Commercial Cardio Machine For Commercial Gym KY-LF8600

Premium cardio equipment that combines appealing design with entertainment-rich console options to keep exercisers engaged while riding. Users benefit from the comfort provided by an adjustable padded seat and Wide Ride pedals. Deluxe racing handlebars let exercisers choose positioning for relaxed rides or more intense pedaling.

The upright exercise bike is an increasingly popular fitness equipment and one of the most important commercial aerobics equipment. Exercise bikes do not cause joint injuries. Therefore, an upright bike is a great piece of exercise equipment for patients who have had knee or ankle injuries or are prone to pain.

The upright exercise bike mainly exercises the buttocks, thighs and calves. Proper use of an upright exercise bike can shape your hips and legs, make them more toned, increase oxygen in your blood, and make your mind more relaxed.

Ganas Gym machines are the result of the excellent work of Italian design engineers, which became famous for their world-class ergonomics, special solutions, unique design and very wide range and became one of the most popular brands.

GANAS Commercial Cross Trainer&Elliptical Machine For Gym&Personal Gym KY-LF8000

A premium elliptical cross-trainer that combines expert biomechanics, a natural-feeling motion and quiet operation. Extensive biomechanics research has created an elliptical workout where every stride feels smooth and comfortable. The result is an inviting, low-impact cardio option for a wide range of exercisers.

Elliptical machines are known for delivering an effective full-body workout. The GANAS brand is known for its excellent quality and outstanding value for money. KY-LF8000 combines the two to give you a smooth and comfortable workout experience, allowing you to lose excess weight while increasing your aerobic fitness and muscle strength. KY-LF8000 features a sleek, new console that makes it easy to track your data while monitoring your extraordinary results.

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