Make the classroom full of energy, Ganas build a dedicated gym for your school!

Do you feel that the school's sports facilities are always unable to meet your sports needs?Have you ever dreamed of having a dedicated school gym where you can do physical exercise at any time during your spare time?Now, this dream is about to become a reality!


Last month we received a special project---Build two brand new gyms for a school!The customer hopes to enrich university students' after-school life and enhance their physical fitness through fitness equipment.Our goal is to allow every university student to enjoy professional and convenient fitness services in their spare time.


After receiving the customer's entrustment, we conducted detailed communication to understand their needs and expectations.In terms of equipment selection, we have selected a variety of fitness equipment, including treadmills, elliptical machines, spinning bikes, dumbbells, barbells, etc.It can meet university students of different ages and different exercise needs.We also carefully designed the placement of equipment based on the actual conditions of each classroom.First, we put treadmills and elliptical machines in the corner of the classroom so that students can do aerobic exercise after class.Secondly, we placed dumbbells and barbells in the center of the classroom, which makes it easier for students to perform strength training.Finally, we placed the spinning bike near the window, so that students can enjoy the scenery outside the window while exercising and reduce fatigue. Make students more convenient and comfortable during use.

In order to let customers better understand our design concepts and actual effects, we specially produced a video to simulate the gym effect through software.Customers can see spacious and bright classrooms, carefully designed equipment layouts, and energetic students exercising.Customers are full of praise for our products and services.


If you are interested in our gym projects or want to know more about fitness equipment, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to providing high-quality fitness equipment and services for more projects!

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