The difference between commercial fitness equipment and home fitness equipment

What are the advantages of commercial fitness equipment compared with home-use ones?Many people don’t understand why commercial fitness equipment is several times or more expensive than household fitness equipment.First of all, we need to understand a concept, what is commercial fitness equipment.Commercial fitness equipment is mainly used in corporate gyms, fitness clubs, hotel gyms, etc.Compared with home use, people in these usage situations have higher usage intensity and more frequent usage frequency.The price is mainly determined by cost. In order to better understand why the cost of commercial fitness equipment is higher than that of home use, the following points are summarized.


1.High design cost

The first is appearance design. Commercial fitness equipment generally attaches great importance to appearance design, because considering the use occasion, in order to match the high-end use occasion, a better appearance design must be selected.In terms of product design, compared with home fitness equipment, commercial equipment requires more scientific design to cope with high intensity of use and professional use requirements.The design of commercial fitness equipment is often more in line with human body exercise needs. There are specialized training equipment for each muscle group, which leads to higher research and development costs.The cost of materials used, such as treadmills requiring higher-horsepower motors and strength equipment requiring higher-strength steel, are all different compared to home fitness equipment.The high cost of materials also leads to the high price of commercial fitness equipment.


2.Functional cost

Some equipment in fitness clubs has different functions than those used at home.For example, spinning bikes may require real-time competition functions.Treadmills may need virtual reality functions to increase the fun of exercise to attract customers into the store.These functions require relatively large costs.



The materials used in commercial fitness equipment are "heavy-duty" and are made of better materials. The materials used in general fitness equipment are light and thin. Commercial fitness equipment is made of higher quality materials and is very durable.



The main reason for the difference in cost between commercial fitness equipment and regular fitness equipment is durability.Commercial fitness equipment is generally used in 24-hour gyms, so they are designed for 24-hour uninterrupted use and longer service life.A good piece of fitness equipment can withstand hours of daily exercise by different bodybuilders over decades.



Commercial fitness equipment is heavier than ordinary fitness equipment and can bear greater weight than ordinary fitness equipment.In terms of electricity, since commercial fitness equipment must run 24 hours a day, gyms and homes have different power requirements for fitness equipment.Most quality commercial treadmills require the use of a dedicated outlet. Electricity usage is also an important consideration when considering electricity bills.


6.High maintenance and service requirements

Commercial fitness equipment usually needs to provide better after-sales service and maintenance support to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and user satisfaction.This requires investing more manpower and resources, increasing costs.

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