How to configure company fitness equipment?

Nowadays, many companies will set aside part of the space to build a fitness center to facilitate employees to exercise during their leisure time.I have to say that it is indeed very thoughtful. After all, most people nowadays are busy between work and home, and do not even have time to have dinner with friends, let alone exercise.Therefore, the sales of home fitness equipment are increasing year by year, becoming the choice of some people. At the same time, many companies have opened fitness centers in their companies to ensure that everyone works healthily and happily.So if the company wants to build a gym, what is a reasonable plan?


The company's fitness equipment configuration is first of all a matter of venue. The space used by enterprises and institutions as gyms is generally limited, so just make reasonable use of the space to achieve fitness purposes.

The company's fitness equipment is configured to meet the fitness needs of the public.Most of the office workers in enterprises and institutions are mental workers, and many of them have no foundation in sports.Therefore, when choosing equipment, try to choose equipment that is easy to operate, convenient to use, safe and reliable, and suitable for ordinary people.


Next is the choice of gym equipment. We can combine equipment from aerobic exercise and strength training.

Cardio equipment: treadmill, elliptical machine, spinning bike, etc.


1. The treadmill is an important part of the gym. A gym without a treadmill has no soul.The treadmill is simple and easy to operate, has a wide audience, has few restrictions, can cushion and change the incline, and can watch TV while running. Everyone who goes to the gym will go to the treadmill to exercise.Therefore, the choice of treadmill becomes particularly important.

A treadmill is actually a motor-driven transmission belt. If you want to use it safely and comfortably, the most important things are the running area area and motor power.The length of the running area is generally 152cm, and the minimum width should not be less than 50cm. The motor power should be at least 3HP. After all, the user group has various weight levels, both fat and thin.

Then there is the convenience of operating the treadmill.There are only a few that runners actually use: start, end, speed adjustment, and incline adjustment. The data that attracts the most attention is speed, mileage, etc.Other complex preset programs, tests, etc. are rarely used. Commercial gyms are meant to make highlights and attract consumers.To meet everyone's basic need for physical exercise, there is no need for so many complicated functions.


2.The popularity of the elliptical machine is second only to the treadmill, and it is deeply loved by sports novices. The exercise intensity is not high, and the whole body can participate.In a small and medium-sized gym, the ratio of elliptical machines to treadmills is 1:3-6 (i.e. 3 treadmills, 1 elliptical machine; 10-12 treadmills, 2 elliptical machines).


3.Spinning bikes are a good choice for some people who want to lose weight. The exercise intensity is high, fat burning is fast, and the effect is obvious.Paired with fast-paced music, it is known as a fat-reducing magic weapon.


In addition to the above essential gym equipment, it should also be equipped with weight training equipment. If the venue permits, a Smith machine can be added to meet the needs of some people who have muscle training needs.You can also fill in some small props, such as yoga mats, foam rollers, yoga balls, etc.


From price to brand to product configuration, it is recommended that everyone try to go to the physical store to see, listen and compare more when making plans.AS the largest leading gym equipment manufacturer in south China, GANAS has exported to more than 130 countries since 2004. We are the top 10 brands in China for heavy-duty full set commercial gym machine over 20 years.Ganas gym equipment provide a one-stop service including professional gym design, quotation, production, oversea delivery, global installation, and after-sales service.



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