How effective is rowing machine exercise?

Many people are asking are rowing machines useful? Is it worth buying?

---Yes,Rowing machines are useful

In the process of using the rowing machine, it has a good exercise effect on the muscles of the upper limbs, legs, waist, chest, back and other parts. It can not only achieve the effect of exercising the muscles of the whole body, but the rowing machine is still very useful for fitness.

Benefits of rowing machines

Exercise muscles. As mentioned above, the rowing machine can exercise a lot of muscles. It can mobilize 90% of the muscles in the whole body, such as abdominal muscles, low back, latissimus dorsi, biceps, deltoid muscles, arm strength, etc.! They are all of great help!

  1. 1.Move spinal joints

  2. Rowing machine exercise is an exercise equipment that has the smallest impact on human joints. In addition, during the process of using the rowing machine, it can effectively move the various joints of the spine, allowing the spine joints to move, which is beneficial to bone growth. Very helpful.


While exercising, the rowing machine also has the effect of accelerating the burning of excess fat in the body, especially for people with a lot of fat in the waist, abdomen, and upper arms. Can help lose weight.

3.Improve cardiopulmonary function

Rowing machine exercise can improve people's cardiopulmonary function, promote blood circulation, and accelerate metabolism in the body. Regular exercise can prevent many ailments.

4.Relieve back pain

The rowing machine can maximize the range of motion of the spine in back extension and forward flexion, and effectively exercise the stretching muscles, especially the waist and back. It can relieve the symptoms of back pain and improve the physiological flexibility of the back muscles. .

5.Exercise coordination skills

The rowing movement simulated by the rowing machine can exercise the muscle function of the lower back and upper and lower muscles, thereby improving the coordination of muscle activities.

GANAS has three different types of rowing machines, one is a water resistance rowing machine and the other is a wind resistance rowing machine. The wind resistance rowing machine generally occupies the largest area compared to other types of rowing machines. Due to the use of fan blades to increase resistance, there is a certain It is noisy, and the harder you push, the greater the resistance. It is favored by a large number of fitness enthusiasts. It is also the rowing machine most seen outdoors. Several events held are using wind resistance rowing machines; water resistance rowing machines use The resistance of water increases the resistance. The water resistance rowing machine is the rowing machine that simulates the most realistic rowing among the four types. The more water, the greater the resistance. There is water sound when used, so it is the rowing machine that simulates real rowing to the highest degree. These three rowing machines are all very suitable for commercial use, it depends on which one you prefer.

Water Rowing Machine
Water Rowing Machine
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