Commercial Exercise Bike

Product Name:KY-8608 rower machine

Product Description:

Product Number: ky-8608

Name: Rower

Brand: GANAS

Product Features:

1. 7KG inertia wheel, one-way, multi-function color magnetic control table, 16 kinds of sitting programs and equiped MP3 player.

2. The meter shows: time, speed, mileage, heart rate, percentage of burned calories and let you get your exercise satus by measuring percentage of your body fat according to your age, six, height and weight.

3. Max loading weight: 150KG

Recommend application:

1. Improve your cardiopulmonary function and body coordination.

2. Achieve slimming effect and exercise upper and lower limbs coordination.

3. Improve the effect that the central nervous system controls muscle.

4.Increasing exercises function on adductors muscles and others.

Recommend level: ★★★★★

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