G Strength Equipment


Product Description:

Product Number: G-605

Name: outside leg bent trainer

Brand: GANAS

Product Features:

Exercise thigh muscle specific products.

Recommend application:

1. Specially exercise Adductor.

2. Prevents and improves the hips, pelvis and lumbar joint and muscle problems.

3. Improve muscle flexibility, posture and legs effectiveness.

Recommend level: ★★★★★


Medical certification

The Selection Abductor machine has earned the 93/42 EEC Certification that guarantees the highest standards of quality and reliability. And the new safety guard provides maximum protection and comfort.

New protection systems

  • The new protection systems and explanatory labels affixed at various points on the Selection Abductor machine are designed to help prevent accidents and finger entrapment.

Biomechanically designed

  • The ergonomic design helps keep the hip Abductor user in the correct position throughout the entire range of motion, thus helping to facilitate optimal posture, balance and safety. It’s ideal for post-surgical or injury recovery, for helping to prevent joint problems (even at an older age), and for intense muscle strengthening in athletes.

Innovation & versatility


  • Thanks to its innovative features and numerous settings (which are bright yellow and easy to recognize), the Selection Abductor machine is suitable for a wide range of uses, ranging from specific protocols to high performance athletic training.


Length (mm | in)

1415 | 55

Width (mm | in)

850 | 33

Height (mm | in)

1195 | 47 

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