G Strength Equipment

Product Name:G-608 LOWER BACK

Product Description:

Product Number: G-608

Name: Lower back

Brand: GANAS

Product Features:

1.Special exercising products for waist and back muscles.

2. Sitting exercise, shoulder leaning on the pads, back stretching torso. Counterweight bags given resistance, the load can be adjusted appropriately according to each person's needs.

3. Footpad can support all types of practitioners , and does not touch the hip flexors.

Recommend application:

1. Specially exercise muscles of waist.

2. Prevents and improves spinal joints problems.

Recommend level: ★★★★★

Helps train these muscles:

  • Lumbar

The machine is recommended for:

  • Specific training of the lower back muscles
  • Improving sports performance
  • Preventing and treating lower back problems
  • Improving posture





Biomechanically designed

The Selection Lower Back is ideal for post-surgical or injury recovery, for helping to prevent joint problems (even at an advanced age), and for intense muscle strengthening in athletes.

Better lumbar support

In order to ensure proper lumbar support, GANAS developed an anatomical seat that provides an ideal contact surface for the lower back.

New protection systems

The new protection systems and explanatory labels affixed at various points on the Selection Lower Back machine are designed to help prevent accidents and finger entrapment.


Length (mm | in)

1210 | 48

Width (mm | in)

1030 | 41

Height (mm | in)

1485 | 58 

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