G Strength Equipment

Product Name:G-611 LEG PRESS

Product Description:

Product Number: G-611

Name: Leg press

Brand: GANAS

Product Features:

1. Large foot support suitable for all types of exercise.

2. The use of a cam mounted on the internal structure of the foot to optimize and adjust resistance level.

3. Near the end of the shock absorber in motion by a smooth deceleration, terminating carrier operation.

Recommend application:

1. For specialized training to improve the whole performance

2. To exercise all muscles of calves.


Recommend level: ★★★★★

Helps train these muscles:






The machine is recommended for:

  • Specific training for improving athletic performance
  • Training all the muscle groups in the legs
  • The treatment and prevention of joint problems in the lower limbs
  • Rehabilitation after surgery or injury


Multiple Resistance System

The Selection Leg Press machine features a new Multiple Resistance System that combines carriage weight, elastic resistance and weight stack resistance, thus rendering it ideal for a wide range of orthopedic rehabilitation and sports training applications.

One machine for five applications

The Multiple Resistance System allows the user to perform isometric exercises, ‘no load exercises’ (zero resistance), elastic exercises (smooth elastic resistance), weight lifting exercises (traditional isotonic resistance), and a combination of elastic and isotonic exercises (last phase of rehab or athletic performance).



Length (mm | in)

2070 | 81

Width (mm | in)

1200 | 47

Height (mm | in)

1800 | 71 

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