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Spinning Bike

Product Name:KY-2001 Commercial Spinning

Product Description:

Product Number: ky-2001

Name: Spinning bike

Brand: GANAS

Product description:

When we talk about spinning bikes, we talk about a fashionable, modern design associated with bulking power; and one particular spinning bike comes to our minds and that is our KY-2001 model. A beautiful bike made for every training enthusiast, whether you are a beginner or a high-level athlete, this bike is for you.

The KY-2001 comes with a robust belt drive that meets the worldwide specifications, an 18Kg bidirectional flywheel transmission, which ensures an amazing control over the bike and makes hard custom-made exercises possible.

The bike also is equipped with aluminium thick shaft pedals, to ensure that your feet are placed within total safety on a comfortable surface, not to mention that the whole machine is comfortable because it comes with a PU seat that can be adjusted from the front, behind, up and down, to ensure your complete physical ease.

The KY-2001 comes also with a three-piece crank, to maintain a solid brake system. Spinning bikes are known for their amazing ability to exercise the muscles of butt, waist, back, and arm, strengthen the heart and lung function, and of course, consume calories and lose weight. And we are certain that our KY-2001 will cover all of this better than any other bike at its price range, don't wait any longer and order it now!

Product Features:

1. Fashionable appearance design.

2. Belt drive.

3. 18KG bidirectional flywheel transmission.

4. High-grade aluminum thick shaft pedals.

5.  3PCS crank, fast wool felt pressure brake structure.

6. Black and silver color PU seat, can be adjusted from front, behind, up and down.

Recommend application:

1. Exercise the muscles of butt, waist, back and arm.

2. Strengthen your heart and lung function.

3. Consume calories and lose weight.

Recommend level: ★★★★★



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