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The performance, quality and durability of GANAS leg curl machine make the seated leg curl an obvious choice. Designed with minimal nuts and bolts for extra rigidity, the seated leg curl requires minimal maintenance. The leg rollers and seat are made with hand-stitched high-quality upholstery. Foam-coated grab handles make it easy to keep steady during reps. The weight stack is easily accessible from a seated position. Aerospace-grade cables combined with high-quality pulleys keep it smooth from start to finish.

Seated leg curls only do one thing, but they do it very well. Thanks to the unique exercise position, you can isolate and train your hamstrings like never before. The thigh roller pad keeps you stable as you move through a full range of motion, set after set, exercise after exercise.


◆  3 layers strong metal coating 

◆  60*120*3mm oval steel tube

◆  XL high quality cushion, easy clean

◆  Fully adjustable Seat Back, Leg, and Thigh Pads

◆  High quality, durable pads and upholstery

◆  Angled seat and unique pivot location for full hamstring contraction

◆  Back pad ratchets forward for easy adjustment from the seated position

◆  Adjustable thigh pad provides stabilization during exercise

◆  Full Commercial Rated

◆  Adjustable leg roller ensures proper fit for all size users

Product Parameters

Product Name

Leg Curl Machine

Traning spot






Weight Stack



Universal, Fitness Center, Commercial gym


CE TUV BV ISO 9001    

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How to Do Seated Leg Curls?

1.Adjust the machine so that you are in the correct position. Your knees should be aligned with the joints of the machine.

2.Bend your knees as much as possible and lower the weight.

3.Slowly let the weight come back again.

Which Muscles Do the Seated Leg Curl Work?

The seated leg curl is an isolation exercise that works your hamstrings and is one of the best hamstring exercises you can do.

Benefits of the Seated Leg Curl

Effectively isolates hamstrings. Seated leg curls allow you to effectively train your hamstrings without involving other muscle groups. This helps you focus 100% on your hamstrings without distraction from other aspects such as grip strength, balance, etc.

Improve athletic performance. Stronger hamstrings help improve strength, speed, and agility in a variety of sports and physical activities.

Injury prevention. Strong and flexible hamstrings help reduce the risk of hamstring strain, and by avoiding injury, you'll be able to continue exercising and get bigger and stronger.

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