MT Strength Equipment

Product Name:Kettlebell equipment MT-091-5

Product Description:

Name of product: kettlebells
Brand: MT (Mattel)
Product features:
General made with cast iron kettlebells by weight 10 kilograms, 15 kilograms and 20 kilograms respectively, 25 kilograms 30 kilograms, and other specifications.
In China there is also a stone lock, lock-like appearance, uses kettlebells are about the same. When you workout with Kettlebells, it can do a variety of push, such as squatting, lifting, carrying, throwing, and jumping exercises.
Kettlebell training with dumbbells, weight training is different because, kettlebells to improve overall explosive force more effective and kettlebell stone lock being invited will be the favorite fighter and martial artist.
Recommended uses:
Functional strength training and core strength training;
For power training;
For forearm grip strength training;
For the stability of the shoulder joint training;
From kettlebell training effects can increase muscle, reduce fat and improve physical fitness.
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