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Product Name:Seated Chest Press MT-6006

Product Description:

Product Specifications:

Product name: KY-8006 posture training device

Brand: MT (Mattel)  

Product features:

name: posture training device

Specification: 1300*900*1550mm

weight: 165KG

Raw materials: 50x100 3.0 square tube material 

Recommended uses:

  • Increase shoulder strength.
  • Curve design makes the deltoid muscle better participation in sport.
  • Increase muscle dimension.
  • Exercise and strengthen the body's chest muscle strength.

Recommended indexes:

Chest exercises are what athletes look for in every gym, and as a gym owner, you are bound to provide them with the machine that can fulfill all their desires in the most efficient way. So we present to you the Seated Chest Press MT-6006 by Ganas.

The MT-6006 is a very elegant machine, with its edge cutting design, and harmonious colors. The seat can be adjusted to suit users of all heights, and the back pad is angled in a way that relieves the back and decreases stress. As for the handles, they are wide and comfortable. This device will be a great plus to your gym, with its size of 1300*900*1550mm and its weight of 165 Kg, this means that the MT-6006 is robust and sturdy.

The machine is made of 50x100 3.0 square tube material, which makes it quite silent, and most importantly safe. Our device comes with clear instructions so that the user doesn't hurt himself or train in the wrong way. Not to mention the fact that the price is very competitive.

So if you're looking for the perfect machine to Increase shoulder strength, Increase muscle dimension, train the deltoids and most importantly strengthen the chest muscles, all at a fair price then look no further than the Seated Chest Press MT-6006 made by Ganas.

Detail show:

Seated chest press can train your chest effectively.

This machine shows the independence and work more silently,you can adjust the weight stack to train one side separately.The XL size cushion is very durable to make you more comfortable and the price is competitive.Train the chest like what you want.

is a top fitness equipment brand in China with high quality & best service!

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