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Product Name:Abdominal crunch MT-6009

Product Description:

product description:

Are you looking for the best abdominal crunch machine out there to equip your gym? Look no more. The MT-6009 abdominal crunch by Ganas is the best choice you'll ever come across.

This machine is clearly superior; it doesn't take an expert to notice its modern chic design. The colors are lively and catching, the disposition of the bars is elegant as well. The bench is wide, adjustable, and comfortable, which makes it convenient for all users.

The MT-6009 is made of 50x100 3.0 elliptical tube, which makes it completely safe and silent. As for the dimensions, the device weighs 135 Kg and has a size of 1100*850*1550mm. This means that our abdominal crunch is resistant and sturdy.

So if you want to provide your clients with a machine that is durable, and can increase the dimensions of their abdominal muscles, in a fun safe way, all at a fair price then you shouldn't look further than the Abdominal crunch MT-6009 made by Ganas.

is a top fitness equipment brand in China with high quality & best service!

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