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The seated chest press(MG-901) is ideal for athletes who want to perform chest exercises in a comfortable, low-resistance environment. Our weight stacks work in 10KG increments to accommodate different strength levels, and our ball bearing joints ensure smooth machine movement for athletes.

How to use the seated chest press machine?

After setting the chest press machine to the desired weight, place your feet firmly on the floor, shoulder-width apart. Then adjust the chair to fit you, making sure it's positioned so that your arms are level when fully extended.

1.Grasp the handles with a full grip, your thumb circled around the handle.

2.Maintain a neutral wrist position with your wrists in line with your forearms.

3.Exhale and push outward until your arms are fully extended (don't lock the elbows).

4.Keep your head steady against the back support during this movement and your neck still. You should feel resistance against the horizontal push.

5.Pause briefly at full extension.

6.Bend your elbows and return to the starting position, breathing in during this recovery.


◆  3 layers strong metal coating 

◆  60*120*3mm oval steel tube

◆  XL high quality cushion, easy clean

◆  Specially exercise Adductor.

◆  Prevents and improves the hips, pelvis and lumbar joint and muscle problems.

◆  Improve muscle flexibility, posture and legs effectiveness.

Product Parameters

Product Name

Seated Chest Press Machine

Traning spot



Φ60*120mm; 110 cm * 140 cm *148 cm



Weight Stack



Universal, Fitness Center, Commercial gym


CE TUV BV ISO 9001    

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A Word of Caution and Common Mistakes

People with shoulder limitations should always use the foot pedal when setting the handle to the starting position. If you often feel pain or tightness in the front of your shoulders, don't hold your hands too close to your chest.

Many times, people jump into this exercise too quickly and fail to get the full benefits of the exercise. Chest presses are slow, controlled movements. Be sure to inhale as you slowly lower the handle to chest height. Then exhale and push the handle away from your body.

Benefits of the Seated Chest Press

This exercise targets the pecs, the main muscles of the chest. These are the same muscles you use when you push a shopping cart or stand up from the floor.

Developing chest muscles is an aesthetic goal for many people. Because the strength of these muscles decreases with age, this may increase your risk of injury while reducing your mobility and quality of life.

The chest press machine also works the biceps and large muscles of the shoulders and back. This makes the sport particularly beneficial for those who play sports that require swinging a bat, racket, or club.

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