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Product Name:Multi Hip MT-6010

Product Description:

Product name: MT-6010 hip composite trainer

Brand: MT (Mattel) 


Product features:



name: hip composite trainer




Specification: 1100*850*1550mm




weight: 135KG



Raw materials: 50x100 3.0 square tube


Recommended uses:



Stood on the hips laminating machine exercises, hands holding hands keep your upper body upright posture. Instrument knee bent at the back of the thigh areas above the posted arrival device handle, support leg stand, practice to gluteus maximus with his leg along the trajectory above the back of the apparatus movement lifting the thighs, to as high as possible.




During the exercise to try to control the upper body upright, lest gluteus muscle contraction is not sufficient. Breathing movements, both legs after inhale, exhale when back down restores or instead. Hips laminating machine is a significant technical features exercise equipment, large fitness center.



Focused his intentions to link the key practice, should receive special attention.


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A machine of enormous power and durability. True to Body-Solid tradition, this is no ordinary Multi Hip Machine—it uses sophisticated pillow block and sealed ball-bearings for precision alignment and friction-free movement. This allows you to achieve higher performance results. Advanced design reduces spinal compression while allowing full range-of-motion in a natural biomechanical movement.It could train the hip all round. It’s designed to last—even under the most strenuous routines.

is a top fitness equipment brand in China with high quality & best service!

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