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Product Name:Seated triceps extension MT-6014

Product Description:


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Product name: MT-6014 seated triceps training.
Brand: MT (Mattel).
name: seated triceps training.
Specification: 1400*920*1550mm.
weight: 160KGS.
Raw materials: 50x100 3.0 square tube.

product description:

When one is training his arms it is advisable to alternate between training the biceps and the often-neglected triceps. Unfortunately, triceps do not get the training they deserve even though they are larger muscles than the biceps and therefore have bigger growth potential.

The triceps are the muscles behind in all pushing activities and some pulling movements. The triceps extension is one of the most simple and effective triceps exercises and is indispensable for a complete arm work out, that’s why every gym owner must carefully pick their seated triceps machine. To help with the search, Ganas conceptualized the perfect machine for gym owners everywhere. The Mattel Seated triceps extension MT-6014 is resilient and durable; it is made with 50x100 3.0 square tube of hard materials. This machine is preferable to others because it’s extremely comfortable and it works silently.

Although it’s easy to use, Ganas added an easy to read illustrated placard for its clients to ensure efficiency; this placard is easily visible and understandable by the clients. Another important quality is that there’s a possibility of adjusting the weight stack to train one side separately. for all these reasons, one can’t help but conclude that the Ganas seated triceps extension machine MT-6014 is the one to get.

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