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Product Name:Vertical Traction MT-6016

Product Description:

product Specifications:


Product name: MT-6016 sit down trainer.
Brand: MT (Mattel).
name: sit down trainer.
Specification: 1380*960*1800mm.
weight: 167KG.
Raw materials: 50x100 3.0 square tube.

product description:

Some strengthening machines are simply mandatory to have in every gym, some kinds of traditional machines can’t be replaced by any modern one. A typical example of such machines is the vertical traction machine.

Every gym client expects to find a high functioning vertical traction machine in his gym; this machine is indispensable for everyone from beginners to professional bodybuilders. The vertical traction machine trains the shoulder, back, abs, and even the chest muscles effectively. Ganas’s Vertical Traction MT-6016 from the Mattel strength equipment brand definitely stands out from the lot, because of its luxurious design and ergonomic comfortable seating. In addition, the machine has an adjustable weight stack allowing clients to train one side separately to help achieve symmetrical muscle growth. Moreover, the machine works silently despite its hefty and sturdy material (167KG of 50x100 3.0 square tube materials), Furthermore, if used correctly, it ensures proper back alignment and protects the posterior muscles and ligaments from tears and strains.

In conclusion, it is highly unlikely that one can find a better machine; it provides the best features, back safety measures, efficiency, comfort, beautiful design, and last but not least it's affordable. So get the Ganas vertical traction machine and your satisfaction will be ensured.

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