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Product Name:Lat Pull Down MT-6017

Product Description:

Product features: 


Product name: MT-6017 sitting with high tensile strength trainer.
Brand: MT (Mattel).
name: seated, high strength training.
Specification: 1380*960*1800mm.
weight: 145KG.
Raw materials: 50x100 3.0 square tube.


Product Specifications:


 The lat pull-down machine is a fundamental part of back muscle training. It is a compound workout because it involves more than one joint movement, therefore, the lat pull-down machine trains multiple muscle groups, apart from the dorsal muscles, such as the shoulder, biceps, and forearm muscles.

In order to train all these muscles safely, Ganas designed the lat pull-down machine with advanced features; one of the most remarkable qualities about this machine is its easily adjustable seat. This seat guarantees utmost stability and comfort for users. Furthermore, unlike other machines on the market, this machine has a padded chest rest to ensure correct posture and to ease effort strain. In addition, this machine is extremely stable; it weighs around 145kgs and measures approximately 1380*960*1800mm. This machine is very resilient and works more silently than others; you can adjust the weight stack to train one side separately. It is very durable and makes you comfortable. Moreover, the lat pull-down machine has a unique design that would look great in gyms and backyards. In a nutshell, it is only fair to say that at this price range, Ganas’ Mattel Lat Pull down MT-6017 is definitely the best in the market.


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